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The Undisputed BOSS of OS BO Is Back

The Undisputed BOSS of OS BO Is Back

Chiranjeevi left everyone shell shocked with the premiere shows collection of Khaidi No. 150 in US. Prior to its release, grossing half a million looked like a distant possibility for many, but Khaidi collected over $1.25 Million from the premieres, thus stamping the authority of Megastar on OS box office. Even Baahubali’s premieres record was under threat for a while.

Had the distributor and the exhibitors predicted this mega mayhem and planned for a better release, it could have reset all the existing records.

Although younger generation was taken completely by surprise with Chiranjeevi’s mania in the overseas market, people that have been following overseas trade from early 2000s are not so amazed by Khaidi No. 150 feat.

They say that Chiranjeevi is the one that has established the market for Telugu films in overseas. Even his flop films like Jai Chiranjeeva fared well during those times, they told. Later, Mahesh and others slowly established themselves in the market but the real growth in the business was seen from 2011. Dookudu showed the true potential and with Baahubali the overseas market has seen the highest peaks.

Grossing $1 Million has become the norm for big releases lately, but crossing that mark with premieres was only done once before Khaidi No. 150. But Chiranjeevi did it without breaking a sweat and that too with a remake film that is directed by a mass director who has nil market in overseas.

Chiranjeevi has made a splashing comeback into overseas territory where he was once considered as the undisputed king. Khaidi No. 150 has once again proved that he is still a force to be reckoned with.

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