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Shocking: Saaho Premieres Collects Less Than Spyder

Shocking: Saaho Premieres Collects Less Than Spyder

Prabhas's "Saaho", which was screened in the USA in big way, has sent shock waves in the movie industry.

The film's premiere numbers didn't even cross $1 million mark.

The film was released in four languages but posted just an ordinary $915k.

Among the Telugu movies, "Saaho" now stands at 6th position among the movies that grossed highest amounts from premiere shows.

While Pawan Kalyan's "Agnyaathavaasi" collected whopping $1.5 million, "Saaho"  that released amidst huge hype didn't cross $1 million.

One reason is bad planning by the overseas distributor. The other is the USA market for Telugu films is crumbling these days.

1. Baahubali 2 - $2.4M
2. Agnyaathavasi - $1.52M
3. Baahubali - $1.39M
4. Khaidi No 150 - $1.29M
5. Spyder - $1M
6. Saaho - $915k

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