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It's Official: All DJ Distributors Lost Heavily

It's Official: All DJ Distributors Lost Heavily

Whatever the claims by the makers, the trade has now confirmed that Allu Arjun’s Duvvada Jagannadham is a flop.

The movie would have been a huge flop if not for the staggering openings. Still, it has ended up incurring huge losses to all distributors except for the Nizam distributor.

Ceded distributors are losing 30 per cent on their investment and the figure is said to be around Rs 2 Cr.

All districts in coastal Andhra have reported loss of 20 to 30 per cent losses. No distributor in any area in Coastal Andhra even came to break-even stage.

The Nizam area was distributed by producer Dil Raju himself. Since there is no question of buying the movie in Nizam area, loss or gain doesn’t arise here.

The biggest loser is USA distributor as the movie ended up collecting just $1.1 million. The movie was bought for Rs 9 Cr for overseas and the losses are around 50 percent. 

All in all, “Duvvada Jagannadham” has put a break to Allu Arjun’s success streak and became a flop.



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