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Fake Collections Trend Fast Catching Up!

Fake Collections Trend Fast Catching Up!

Faking box office collections is the trend fast catching up again in Tollywood. There was a time when producers used to make false claims about collections and centers to satisfy the ego of fans. But that trend came to an end with the rise of social media.

Individual box office trackers from all corners of the Telugu states as well as a few dedicated box office tracking websites came into the fore to give near accurate box office figures.

Makers and record-frenzy actors plus their PR teams have found a way around it too. They started manipulating the BO tracking websites to give false collection reports of their films.

A section of distributors also stopped issuing actual numbers and started releasing fake numbers to please the star actors.

If the producer himself is the distributor of a particular film, then it is highly unlikely to get the exact box office collection of that film. Most of the faking happens with the first day numbers of big films.

PR team and box office tracking websites come together to make the fans and the other media sources to believe those fake numbers. Even posters will be readied by the first day evening itself with those fake claims. 

It only takes four to five days for any big film to gross Rs. 100 crore these days. These films will be promoted as Rs. 100 crore films irrespective of the actual talk and real box office numbers.

It is same like manipulating the YouTube views for trailers and teasers. All that it takes is a strong PR team and some extra expenses to take care of. 

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