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Dil Raju To Lose Rs 13 Cr On SPYder!

Dil Raju To Lose Rs 13 Cr On SPYder!

Spyder has turned out to be a huge dud and that is a fact known to all. In Hyderabad, the film will be taken off many screens from Friday.

The theatres will in turn be given to Sharwanand's smash hit Mahanubhavudu. This is the first time that a small film will be getting an additional 30 theatres in Hyderabad, after first week. And this is thanks to the performance of Spyder.

Dil Raju, the leading distributor in Nizam area, has distributed all three big films this festive season and he has now realized that he will be losing nearly Rs 13 crore on Mahesh Babu's film.

To save losses, he is now pushing Mahanubhavudu, which is doing well thanks to word of mouth publicity. The collections have been good too.

Being a shrewd businessman, Dil Raju had calculated that Murugadoss and Mahesh's combination will bring in big money in Nizam.

In the past, some of Murugadoss' flops like 7th Sense also worked well in Nizam area. So he bet big on Spyder and the gamble has made him lose Rs 13 crores!

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