• Movie Gossip
    Next Mega Star In Making?
    Inviting a Chief Guest for a film event is so common. When big celebrities take part in any such event, the movie gets better attention from the media and eventually the public.
    NTR bought brand new luxury car for Rs 5 cr?
    It is a known fact that top Tollywood hero N T Rama Rao has a penchant for luxury cars. Any new brand car that enters the market, NTR used to buy it.
    Writer Unhappy And Questioned The Director
    Generally the director is the supreme commander for all the technicians working for a film. But sometimes, the scene gets reversed based on the reputation of the writer and the director.
    Tollywood Becomes Expensive After Lockdown
    The post lockdown season in Tollywood seems to have become more expensive. The producers are quoting very high prices to the distributors.
    Director And Heroine In 'Relation'?
    Hero and heroine pair up on screen and that is quite normal. Sometimes the heroine pairs up with the director off screen.
    Buzz: Director's Special Attention To Heroine
    This has been a common aspect that any director who likes some of his artistes, tends to elevate their character by adding more interesting scenes for them.
    Do You Know Vaishnav Tej's First Remuneration?
    Uppena has become an outstanding hit. This is the debut of the new mega hero Vaishnav Tej.
    Close Bond Between Heroine and Producer's Son!
    Actresses generally maintain love relations either with directors or heroes. Seldom do they fall for a producer's son.
    Ariyana Demands Hefty Remuneration!
    Ariyana Glory shot to fame with an interview she had done with maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma.
    Buzz: Dil Raju's Balayya Dream!!
    One could be a great producer or director but in their heart of hearts even such great personalities could have a desire that would take time, money and effort to fulfil.
    'Radhe Shyam's Link With 'Geethanjali'?
    Bahubali star Prabhas' next film Radhe Shyam is touted to be a pure and poetic love story.
    Actress Surekha Vani To Get Re-Married?
    It is known to entire word around how singer Suneetha got remarried with the consent and initiation of her children.
    Director's 'Collections-Fight' With The Distributor
    Generally directors and distributors never confront each other in business. But we have a director who is keen with regard to the business of his films.
    Director Expected A Costly Four Wheeler Gift
    Film industry tests the patience of every one. Be it in the matter of success or in the issues relating to money transactions.
    Pawan Kalyan In Weight Reduction Mode
    Powerstar Pawan Kalyan is in weight reduction mode now. He is doing excessive workouts in the gym as per the news.