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    New Technique of Young Heroes From Big Families
    Many heroes keep coming from Tollywood families to test their luck on the screen. But only a few succeed and rest of them go unnoticed in due course of time.
    Mahesh Babu Angry With Dil Raju?
    There is a new gossip that is making rounds in the industry. It seems that Mahesh Babu is angry with Dil Raju.
    Beautiful Actress Finds Steady Boyfriend!
    A beautiful Telugu actress has plans to get married in a couple of years and is looking for a steady relationship.
    Buzz: Hero's 'No' To Act Beside This Heroine
    She is a popular heroine. She pulled the attention of everyone with a single superhit during the corona times.
    Pawan Kalyan Puts Breaks to Vinodaya Sitham
    Pawan Kalyan is in confusion about the call sheets of his upcoming films.
    Trivikram and Mahesh Demand Rs 25 Cr
    Director Trivikram and Mahesh Babu’s movie will start rolling soon. But the business deals have already begun even before the first scene was filmed.
    Big Hero's Unbearable Boozing Nights?
    Parties and late night boozing is a common thing among the film circles. But sometimes things go overboard in the lives of some celebrities which come out as news.
    Buzz: Hero Shows No Interest in Dating
    It is common for male actors and female actors to get close to each other during the film shootings.
    Can Prabhas Really Slim down?
    Reports have been doing rounds that Prabhas is slimming down to act in a light-hearted entertainer.
    Buzz: Hero Angry With Director's Broker Act
    Recommendations do happen in the film industry. Many projects materialize with the initiation and recommendation of someone to someone else.
    Buzz: Prabhas Is In The Process Of Burning
    Prabhas is a handsome hero but his body has a tendency to gain weight. He needs to maintain a strict lifestyle to make himself look fit and handsome.
    Akhil Akkineni's 'Agent' In Confusion
    Akhil Akkineni's career has been on the rocks since the beginning. Nothing has been smooth so far though he could score pass marks with 'Most Eligible Bachelor'.
    Buzz: Mahesh Babu Insults Harish Shankar?
    Mahesh Babu is known for his sense of humor and pulling the leg of people around in the shooting sets and parties.
    Buzz: Hero Hiked Up His Remuneration Again
    A senior hero is known for hiking up the remuneration with every new film irrespective of his track record.
    Buzz: Tollywood Director 'Drinks' Till 2 AM
    The statutory warning regarding the consumption of alcohol is confined only to movie theaters. But it has nothing to do with the personal habits of many film folks.