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    Samantha's Remuneration For 'Family Man'
    The sources say that Manoj Bajpai was paid more than Samantha for the Family Man series.
    Buzz: Covid-19 Casts Shadow On RRR Release!
    Uncertainty looms large over ace director S S Rajamouli's latest film RRR, his biggest venture after Bahubali, with the threat of third wave of Coronavirus creating a scare in the entire country.
    Dil Raju Hijacked Director From Mahesh Babu
    Anil Ravipudi gave interviews to media stating that he narrated a story to Mahesh Babu and that got okayed. But Mahesh's dates are not vacant in near future.
    Who Is That Talented Ghost Writer?
    A big director is making a periodic film with a top star. He is a permanent writer. But that writer is a big weak in developing the comedy track.
    Directors' Choice: Nandamuri Balakrishna!
    Nobody understands Nandamuri Balakrishna’s political speeches and his blabbering at events.
    Buzz: Sonu Sood's Remuneration Is Rs 7 Cr?
    Sonu Sood is the real hero who has gained immense popularity in the entire nation irrespective of region and language.
    Buzz: Sharwanand Trying for Damage Control
    Known as a lovable and friendly actor, Sharwanand recently landed in a controversy that put him in a spot.
    Buzz: Popular Director Leaked Controversial News
    A popular director has his tongue in spreading the inside news regarding the pending payment between Sharwanand and 14 Reels banner.
    Akhanda: Mission Accomplished, Gimmicks Stopped!
    The teaser of Nandamuri Balakrishna starrer Akhanda had garnered 50 million views in just 20 days, creating a new record in the Telugu film industry.
    Another Young Hero's Film Goes for Reshoot!
    Lately, several young heroes are under stress due to constant delays in production. Lockdown, COVID-19, and other issues have contributed to these delays.
    Janhvi Kapoor Wants Big Money for SSMB28!
    The heroine for Mahesh Babu and director Trivikram has not yet been confirmed through the director has shortlisted a couple of names.
    Buzz: Trivikram's Dreams Getting Shattered
    Not only for the top stars,even the top directors of the industry tend to line up their films with different heroes.
    Buzz: Success Goes Into the Director's Head!
    Handling success is more difficult than achieving it. Many celebrities fade out soon due to their irrational behavior after gaining one or two hits.
    Buzz: Pawan Kalyan Not to Step Out!
    Pawan Kalyan has reportedly decided not to step out for another two months or until the curve of corona cases in this second wave flattens.
    Buzz: Mega Attempt to Lift a Small Film
    It is a small film starring a budding actor but has all the backing of the 'mega' compound.
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