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    Buzz: Balayya's Word to Cost One Crore
    No one dares to go against the word of Nandamuri Balakrishna in the Telugu film industry. Not even his producers dare to reject his proposals if they are not acceptable to them.
    Buzz: Nithiin Avoids Media To Prevent Danger
    It is hard to come to confirm the veracity of certain things in the digital world. But before confirming something as fake, it makes its journey around the world.
    Big Banner Ridicules The Guild By Burning Rs 12 Lakh
    Tollywood producers formed the Guild. They decided to reduce the production cost by any means.
    Buzz: Balakrishna's Unstoppable Anger
    Nandamuri Balakrishna is showing his anger at the strike being carried out by Tollywood Guild with the support of the Film Chamber.
    Doctors Advised Jr NTR To Take Rest
    It is common to see heroes struggling with the action sequences. They find it hard to work in spite of rope works and other facilities available to picturize the high dose action episodes.
    Buzz: Balayya Keeps Check For Producers' Strike
    A strike has been going on from the producers' side with regard to film shootings. But today everything has come back to square one with the involvement of Balakrishna.
    Buzz: Senior Hero's Bad Habit Exposed
    He is a senior hero who grew from humble beginnings. He gained stardom with his unique style of performances.
    Recession In Tollywood: No Financiers For Films
    This is a kind of internal recession blow in Tollywood. Not many know that the entire film industry runs on financiers.
    Mahesh Babu To Start Restaurant Business?
    Superstar Mahesh Babu is known for building his empire in stealth mode. He started his banner silently and scored his first hit with 'Major'.
    Mind Game With Fake News About Heroes?
    There is some news about NTR, Ram Charan and Bunny that have come forward to work for reduced remuneration.
    Trivikram Gets Rs 45 Lakh For Saying 'Action' And 'Cut'
    The latest news in the entertainment circuit is about Trivikram directing Allu Arjun's commercial for Red Bus. But here is a major twist.
    Bandla Gave Big Shock To Director?
    Bandla Ganesh has enough craze in the public though he is not actively producing films.
    Big Shock For Dil Raju In 2nd Half
    Dil Raju is known as lucky hand. Majority of his films bagged huge collections and ended him in profits.
    Buzz: Puri's Mumbai Expenses Are In Crores
    It has been three years since Puri Jagannath shifted to Mumbai. He started shuttling between Hyderabad and Mumbai for 'Liger' ever since the success of iSmart Shankar.
    Dil Raju Lost His Judgement Capacity?
    Success is not permanent. Sensibilities and judgement capabilities are also not always the same.
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