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    Gossip: Flop Director Earns Huge Money
    While some big directors are struggling to make money, a flop director is coolly adding big amount to his account with a good strategy.
    NTR, Trivikram Having Creative Differences
    It is known that NTR and Trivikram film is on the sets and that the film is being produced by Haarika & Haassine Creations.
    Actor Lost Deposit, Saves Rs 4 Cr
    He is one of the popular character artistes in Tollywood but he is more known as a hero in neighbouring state.
    Buzz: Charmi Lost Her Life Savings On Mehbooba!
    Investing in movies hasn’t turned fruitful for many actresses in the past. Looks like one more actress has joined the list of failed producers.
    Dasari Properties Up For Sale?
    It is almost a year since Dasari Narayana Rao, one of the great directors of Telugu film industry, died of prolonged illness. His memories are still haunting the film industry.
    Producers and Channel Are Faking Collections
    Faking collections is a long tradition in Indian film industry. Bollywood has become more or less professional in this regard, but Tollywood is yet to get a professional box-office tracking system.
    BAN Fake Collections Annoy Ram Charan?
    Hero Ram Charan is discontented and enraged over his producer DVV Danayya. It is known that, Charan is doing two films with Danayya- one directed by Boyapati Srinu is currently on sets and other under the direction of Rajamouli will start rolling later this year.
    Why No Promotions For Rangasthalam?
    Rangasthalam is undoubtedly the first true blockbuster of the year. The Ram Charan starrer film is still collecting shares in few areas in its fourth week which is a great achievement these days. Moreover, each and every distributor is enjoying profits.
    Star Hero Non-Stop Abuses On Producer
    He just couldn’t help himself, rather than closing his ears for 10 minutes, when the person he was speaking in the phone was continuously abusing him verbally. This man was very much relieved only after the phone call cut off.
    Buzz: Balakrishna Turns Director For NTR!
    Although the makers haven't made it official, it is confirmed news that Teja walked out of the biopic of NTR starring Balakrishna.
    Big Stars Meeting: Balakrishna Isolates Himself?
    Except for Balakrishna, almost all the heroes in Tollywood attended yesterday’s meeting. Why did Balakrishna alone skip the meeting?
    Talk of the Town: Allu Arjun Trying To Appease Mega Fans?
    Is Allu Arjun trying to win back the support of mega fans that distanced from him post ‘Cheppanu Brother’ fiasco?
    Sukumar Gets Bigger Remuneration
    Director Sukumar now joins the league of Trivikram and Koratala Siva who are charging more than Rs 15 Cr for each film.
    Pawan Issue Divides Industry PROs
    With Pawan Kalyan upping the ante against the yellow media, the repercussions are being strongly felt across the industry with people taking sides with one group or the other.
    How Balayya Getting Away with Loony Act?
    Nandamuri Balakrishna courts controversy everytime. Yet, he always manages to getaway due to his relationship with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and also because he is prominent member of a powerful community that controls most of the mainstream Telugu media and political sphere in Telugu states.
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