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    Buzz: Rajamouli's Acts Ignite Anger
    NTR fans are not happy with Rajamouli after RRR. Though Rajamouli is known for boosting up NTR's career with the films like Student No 1, Simhadri and Yamagola the pan India venture RRR downsized him as per his fans.
    Hero And Director Distanced Thaman?
    Thaman is the most wanted music director in Tollywood. Everybody is running behind him.
    Actor Slows Down in Personal Matter!
    It's no secret that they have been dating for a long time. The tall and handsome actor and petite beauty are in a serious relationship.
    Buzz: Heroine Working For Daily Payments
    We have already discussed a heroine who reduced her remuneration to meet the competition as she is on the verge of fading out.
    Heroine Charges Rs 1.5 Cr For Three Days
    Wise people follow the line- 'make hay while Sun shines'. The actresses that are enjoying their prime time in the glam world are not leaving any opportunity that brings them fat cheques.
    Budget Story Of 'Acharya' And 'Sarkaru Vari Paata'
    Due to Covid-19, the budget of the big films that were started in the last two years shot up phenomenally.
    Hero Begging For Funds To Complete His Film
    He's a talented hero. He has worked in more than 20 films so far. But the luck is yet to smile on him to make him a star.
    Buzz: Music Sittings or Sittings with Girls!
    Music sittings is the popular phrase used in the South Indian film industry for music sessions.
    Superhit Actress Reduced Her Remuneration
    The heroine got a huge hit out of the blue. She was not known even in modelling circles before that.
    Harish Shankar is Under Severe Stress
    With a couple of blockbusters under his belt, director Harish Shankar seemed on top of the world when Pawan Kalyan had agreed to collaborate with him three years ago.
    Buzz: Popular Anchor In A Live In Relationship
    A popular male anchor is known for several gossip stories. The social media columns speak about his off screen activities much more than that of his anchoring skills.
    Mythri to Honor Rashmika's Demand!
    Director Sukumar and Allu Arjun have decided to mount the film on a lavish scale to capitalize on the craze the first part of Pushpa has in the North Indian market.
    Director Desperately Running Around Heroes
    A director is finding it very difficult to take his next film onto the sets. His last film was released three years ago.
    Raid on Pub: Top Actor's Daughter Escapes
    One celebrity's daughter had a bad day on Saturday night. The other celebrity’s daughter had good luck.
    Prabhas Facing Problems With His Physique?
    Everyone was surprised to see the slim and handsome Prabhas on the screen of 'Radhe Shyam'. The surprise is because of his look during the promotion events.
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