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    When Tollywood Top Heroes Were Irritated
    Sometime back, there was a 2-page full interview of actor Vijay Devarakonda in a leading English daily.
    Gossip: Star comedian's Boast Loses Him Respect
    Once upon a time, he was the king of comedy in Tollywood but today, there is hardly a big ticket film in which he features.
    Gossip: Top Heroine Smitten By A Kannada Hero
    This heroine from North had a great run in Tollywood working with all the top heroes before slowly descending to the medium heroes.
    Shelved In Script Stage And Still Lost Rs 2 Crore!
    We had earlier reported to our viewers that Ram’s adventure thriller with Praveen Sattaru has been shelved due to high budget estimates.
    Actress' Pregnancy Rumour Killed the Relationship
    In movie industry, extra-marital affairs are common. It would not be preposterous to say that there are not many makers or actors who haven't had a fling or two outside marriage.
    Rs 60 Lakh To LP For A Film Yet To Take Off?
    Gossips in the film circles are like smoke without fire. Anybody can create any kind of rumour and spread it in the social media. If there is a masala in the gossip, it can go viral within no time.
    Samantha's Indirect Attack on Former Lover?
    It is open secret that Samantha was in love with actor Siddharth for a couple of years and she had planned to marry him.
    Betting Led To Actor's Divorce?
    Actor and filmmaker Arbaaz Khan made headlines when he confessed that he was involved in the IPL betting scam.
    RGV Pockets Heavy Profit With Officer
    Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma made many path-breaking films in the past and movie buffs used to wait eagerly for his films to hit the screens.
    Suicide Is My Last Resort: Officer Buyer
    The business of film-making has become a gamble of late in Tollywood. Buyers are investing in combinations and track records rather than watching rushes before investing.
    Young Star Addicted to Alcohol
    Personal problems drive stars to take extreme steps. Many past examples prove this point. Tollywood is abuzz with the news that a young star whose marital life landed in trouble is now said to be addicted to alcohol.
    Varun Tej Irks Young Director
    Varun Tej began shooting for space thriller but he went back on his promise made to the director, say our sources.
    Gossip: A Heroine Behind The Rift?
    Tollywood is abuzz with speculation that a director who got married recently is on the verge of taking divorce from his wife with mutual consent.
    Gossip: Young Actor Suffering From Kidney Ailment!
    One of the rising stars of Telugu cinema industry is suffering from kidney ailment according to grapevine.
    Buzz: Director Krish's Marriage Is On The Rocks!
    Tollywood grapevine is abuzz with the rumors that noted director Krish’s marriage is on the rocks. It has been less than two years since Krish got married to Ramya Velaga, a doctor.
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