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    Buzz: Flop Hero Demanding Rs 10 Cr?
    It has been quite some time since that hero delivered a hit. About three or four years ago, an average movie was released, surrounded by a series of flops and, frankly, disasters.
    Buzz: NTR Firm on Overseas Rate
    NTR is undoubtedly one of the biggest Telugu stars with a massive overseas market.
    Shwetha Nagu: The Negative Nickname Of Trivikram
    A director posted a tweet stating that if one finds joy in someone else's failure, it implies that others will find joy in one's own failure.
    Pawan's 'OG': Change Of Production Banner?
    There is news circulating on social media about the Pawan Kalyan-Sujith-Danayya's 'OG' changing hands, with People's Media taking over.
    Director's 'Tantric Worship' To Score A Hit
    There is a director known for his high-voltage films. He has delivered many hits with a hero and has been accustomed to performing 'Tantric' pujas for the success of his films.
    Dil Raju's Cruel Attempt To Kill 'Hanu-Man'?
    It is known that Prashanth Varma's 'Hanu-Man,' scheduled for release this Sankranthi, is competing with 'Guntur Kaaram,' 'Saindhav,' 'Eagle,' and 'Na Saami Ranga.'
    Old Producers In 'Affair' With Young Actresses
    He is an aging producer, but he is still living with youthful desires. This producer is spending cozy time with a female artiste in Mumbai.
    Conspiracy Of Big Producers To Stop 'HanuMan'
    Prashanth Varma's 'HanuMan' is set to be the most extensive pan-India release for the upcoming Sankranthi/Pongal season.
    Reason Behind Andhra Jyothy Vs Balakrishna Tiff
    A couple of days ago, fans of Nandamuri Balakrishna raised a significant outcry, alleging that Andhra Jyothy failed to cover their hero's speech and did not even mention his name in the daily, regarding the closing ceremony of Lokesh's Yuvagalam event.
    Prashanth Neel Allegedly Bags Rs 100 Cr for 'Salaar'
    In a groundbreaking development, acclaimed director Prashanth Neel is rumored to have secured a staggering Rs 100 crore as remuneration for his directorial prowess in 'Salaar' (Part 1: Ceasefire).
    NTR And Kalyan Ram Not In Good Terms?
    Both NTR and Kalyan Ram are brothers, sharing a profound connection and treading similar paths in the film industry.
    Kalyan Ram's 'Devil': No Promotions- Zero Hype
    Heroes aren't merely performers on the big screen; the movies they star in become intrinsic to their identity.
    Is 'Animal' fame Triptii Dimri Dating Businessman?
    Triptii Dimri gained immense popularity among young audiences with her captivating performance in the film Animal.
    Breaking: Mahesh Babu Upset With Mass Song
    The makers of Guntur Kaaram had initially planned to release the film during the upcoming Sankranthi festival.
    Has Aishwarya moved out of Bachchan house?
    Rumour mills have been abuzz with the separation of Bollywood couple Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
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