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Watch: Proxy Lives Of Telugu People In USA

Watch: Proxy Lives Of Telugu People In USA

The proverbial saying, "All that glitters is not gold," holds true not only in material possessions but also in human behavior. 

The assertion that all Telugu individuals in the USA are virtuous is a misconception, and here is a focus on the dark side of some students living in the USA. 

Beneath the veneer of education, certain students and consulting firms engage in the shadowy underbelly of NRI student life, tarnishing the American society. Delving into their world reveals a web of proxy existence and deceitful actions.

This video exploration aims to peel back the layers of these dual lives, exposing how some individuals are plundering the American reputation.

By examining both the dark aspects of deceit and the nefarious activities of consultancies, viewers are prompted to contemplate the multifaceted dimensions of the NRI students. 

In a land abundant with opportunities like the USA, it becomes the collective responsibility and moral duty of individuals worldwide to not only avail themselves of its offerings but also to hold in high regard the nation and its regulations.

This entails living in accordance with established norms rather than exploting for mere personal gain at the cost of ruining the opportunities of local citizens.

To gain a comprehensive understanding, the complete video can be accessed through the provided link.


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