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Watch: Goddess Of Fitness In Bollywood

Watch: Goddess Of Fitness In Bollywood

Almost all the actors and actresses burn their calories in the gym. But only a few achieve the desired fitness.

One such actress is Disha Patani as observed by many. She is not just a fitness freak but practicing flying kicks like a martial artist. 

She has enough glamour in her body to woo the fans and at the same time showing her agility with her swiftness and strength. Even the heroes are getting stunned with her fitness levels. 

Disha Patani, who was last seen in the film Ek Villain 2, shares a massive fan following on Instagram. Be it her bikini pics or her no-make up uploads, an upload by her is guaranteed viral material. This latest video of her kickboxing session was no different.

She seems to be sculpting herself to do a film in the lines of Kill Bill. We have to see what is in store from her.


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