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Viral: Jathi Ratnalu Cake Troll On Pawan Kalyan

Viral: Jathi Ratnalu Cake Troll On Pawan Kalyan

Today is Chandrababu Naidu's 75th birthday, and on this occasion, a cake-cutting event was held at Pithapuram under the supervision of local TDP leader Varma.

He cut the cake, and Pawan Kalyan stood beside him. After cutting the cake, Pawan expected Varma to feed him a piece, but Varma didn't oblige.

Not wanting to miss out on the cake, Pawan gestured to the person beside him to ask Varma to feed him a piece. As soon as the person conveyed Pawan's request to Varma, Varma fed a piece of cake to Pawan.

This scene reminded trolls of the famous cake scene from the movie Jathi Ratnalu.

It's known that Mirchi Kiran, who played a role akin to a brother to Murali Sharma in the film, was upset for not receiving his fair share of the first piece of cake during birthdays.

The trolls made a video of the incident viral, connecting it to Jathi Ratnalu.


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