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Urgent Aid: Telugu Student in Critical Condition

Urgent Aid: Telugu Student in Critical Condition

Hi, I am Shiva. It breaks my heart to say that my brother, Sai Ram Gollapalli, had a terrible accident on the 8th of May, around 4:30 PM PST, at the intersection of Carlos Bee Blvd and Mission Blvd, while on his way to visit me.

Sai is the perfect brother, friend, and son everyone wishes to have in their lives. After losing their younger daughter at the age of 3, Sai's parents sowed all their love, affection, and hope into him and his bright future. Trying to appease his parents for their loss, he always strived to be hardworking, polite, and a lovable kid. He is currently pursuing his Master's in Computer Science at CSU East Bay, and his past internships at DRDO and SAMSUNG are a testimony to his hardworking nature.

He suffered multiple injuries to his face, neck, pelvic area, ribs, and his left leg is completely shattered after being run down by a car while he was on his e-bike. The impact had him fly in the opposite direction, completely wrecking his bike. Knocked out of his shoes, he had to endure severe injuries to his head, causing a brain hemorrhage and putting him in a coma. Paramedics described the extent of his impaired consciousness as 3 (among the worst) on a scale of 15 for GCS, a metric system for gauging unconsciousness. He was rushed to Eden Medical Center in Castro Valley, medics confirmed his situation was deteriorating minute by minute. Although he is yet to be confirmed brain dead, all of the medics have given up hope on his recovery.

With a grieving heart, I am reaching out to all of you, to please help us in this dire hour of need. All I am asking for are your prayers and a helping hand to support me fund his last visit to his parents back in India and a few medical expenses.

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Shiva Krishna Konduri


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