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Trends Shaping the present & Future of Mobile Tech

Trends Shaping the present & Future of Mobile Tech

Mobile technology has completely changed our lives, community, structure, communication, and business scenarios. From building global connectivity, sharing knowledge, capturing moments to being the source of entertainment, mobile technology has penetrated in both regularity and complexities of life.

In India, the total number of mobile connections as per the estimation till January 2021 is 1.10 billion, which is parallel to the 79 percent population of India. The number rose by 23 million from January 2020.

1) Location-Based Technology
The feature of ‘location’ in a mobile device is certainly not new but the usage or application have surely increased. Enabling location permissions while downloading an application allows the brand in offering location-based services. The technology helps us to book a cab, order food, ensures a friend’s safety, and helps in customizing the offered services from brands.

Apart from the users, businesses are majorly benefited from the growing reach of this technology as it helps in framing a customizable message or approaching the target market.

2) Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence is significantly penetrating the smartphone industry by offering the provision of assistance for the users. Voice assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant helps in performing tasks by recognizing the voice commands.

AI offers a hands-free provision for the users. Businesses are also recognizing the opportunity of targeting promotional schemes based on the most used keywords in a query or command.

3) Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
The introduction of AR and VR was game-changing for the world but the integration of these technologies in mobile devices will ensure benefits anywhere and anytime. AR and VR offer the source of entertainment through games and image filters. It also enables e-commerce sites to ensure the targeted and optimum customer experience.

Users can utilize the provision of viewing their future home designs with the application of AR and VR in the real estate business. Other industries influenced by the application of these technologies are education, entertainment, advertising, and the healthcare industry (in the practice of medical procedures and diagnosis of conditions).

4) Mobile Applications
Mobile Applications are one of the biggest revenue generators with respect to mobile technology. India is the second-largest market in the globe for application downloads and games are the most downloaded category.

The market share of mobile games reached 56 percent in the year 2020. Along with the traditional games, the gambling industry has also started investing in designing their mobile applications in India. A few of the best mobile casinos in India are Pure Win, Genesis, and Casumo, which has created solid digital roots in Indian i-Gaming market already.

5) Compatibility with Wearable devices
Wearable devices include smartwatches, VR glasses, and smart jackets, which are designed to enhance the lifestyle of the human population. Compatibility of mobile devices with wearable devices enables better connectivity with day-to-day activities with the features such as tracking steps, healthcare, and fitness patterns.

6) Syncing with our homes
Mobile technology has adapted the features of syncing your devices with home electronics and even home security devices. It enables seamless accessibility of operating electronics as well as also synchronizes camera and video footage captured in a security camera for better user experience and safety.

7) Mobile payments
Online transactions have become more seamless and accessible for the population with the introduction of third-party mobile payment applications and digital payment platforms such as Google Pay, PhonePe, Samsung Pay, Paytm, and PayPal. Mobile payments ensure monetary transactions anytime and anywhere with a faster degree of operation.

8) Biometric Advancements
To enable better security in your mobile devices, biometrics has been implemented. The use of the system is rising with the benefits acquired from the features such as facial recognition, voice recognition, fingerprint, and signature recognition. Other than device security, it also can be witnessed in ensuring correct parcel delivery.

9) Wrap Up
Mobile technology in the 21st century has been integrated with various provisions and accessibilities, enabling businesses and users to operate their daily tasks seamlessly and accurately. With the current advancements and future possibilities, human beings will be able to replace every device with a touch.

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