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Telangana: YSRCP Stand vs TDP Stand

Media is trying to create the confusion about YSRCP stand on Telangana. TDP is confusing every one with their stand now including media.

Please try to read what is clearly written in their letters and you decide.

Here is the YSRCP stand from the letter given to Sushil Kumar Shinde on December 28, 2012:

Our Party addressed this issue at the first plenary of party held on 8-9th, July 2011.  As per the decision taken in that meeting, we reiterate that our party respects the sentiments of the people of Telangana.  Despite the fact that Art 3 of the Constitution authorized the Central Government alone with the power to take decision to keep the state intact or reconstitute it, you have been playing havoc with our lives. All we request from you is a solution acceptable to all without injustice to any one, taking into consideration all aspects and problems, at the earliest, in fair, just and equitable manner as a father would do.

Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/174651163/YSR-Congress-Party-s-letter

Respects the sentiments of the people of Telangana, does not mean YSRCP is for separate Telangana. Equal justice to all regions is the key here. Central government should explain how they are planning to split before announcing so that both sides think about it and raise their concerns. After few discussions, center can find amicable solution (or somewhat) to both sides. Center has not involved both sides in any way.  It is like Doctor has opened the patient for surgery without all the things needed and now trying to get or buy the things in the middle of the surgery.

TDP Stand
Here is the TDP stand from the letter given to Pranab Mukharjee on October 18, 2008:

The Politburo of Telugu Desam party has discussed thoroughly on the conclusions arrived at by the Core Committee agreed with all its recommendations in favor of Formation of separate Telangana State.  A copy of the resolution passed by the Politburo of TDP is enclosed.
Here is the TDP stand from the letter given to Sushil Kumar Shinde on December 27, 2012:

In this context, I would like to bring to your notice that our party has stated its opinion through its letter dated October 18, 2008 to then Minster of External Affairs Sri Pranab Mukharjee and our letter is still with the government. We have not withdrawn our letter.

Source Link: http://www.scribd.com/doc/174650563/N-Chandrababu-Naidu-s-letters

There is no confusion in the letters and TDP is in favor of separate Telangana state. As per his wish, Center declared Telangana. Why is Chandrababu doing hunger strike now? Does he want to speed up the separation? Several media friends, asked to find the purpose of his hunger strike? No clear answer. CBN answers are trying to confuse media but he does not know what he wants. CBN is probably suffering from mental illness. CBN is saying center is playing politics. Question from Seemandhra people is when you gave a letter, didn’t you play politics? Did you take Seemandhra issues in to consideration? If they lose Hyderabad to Telangana, how can Seemandhra youth get jobs and survive? You were benefited financially by allotting Hi-Tech city in your back yard and now you are ditching the Seemandhra people to save your assets in Hyderabad.

Congress Stand
They never told their stand in the all party meeting but on December 9, they have declared Separate Telangana and they reaffirmed in CWC and Cabinet that their stand is for separate Telangana. They ditched Seemandhra people completely by giving complete rights of Hyderabad to Telangana without any consultations or discussions with Seemandhra intellectuals. Now they speed it up because there is no way of getting MP seats in Andhra Pradesh and if you separate Telangana, at least they can give somewhat fight in 17 MP seats. That is what they are thinking and in this process, they left all morals, ethics and ditched Seemandhra people.

BJP Stand
BJP cheated people with their “One vote and Two states”.  When they were in power, they have not even put Telangana on the table but now they are trying to be champions of this issue. Nothing to lose for BJP because they are starting from zero.

TRS Stand
TRS stand has been clear from the beginning. Since the formation, they have been scolding Seemandhra people, scaring Seemandhra Businesses, collecting money from Corporate schools, Movie Industry and other businesses. Now they are losing their golden chicken and with that worry KCR started commenting on Seemandhra people again. Once Telangana is declared why would you start commenting on other people?

East Germany and Germany broke the Berlin wall and merged together in the Modern era and living peacefully. Smaller states like Chattisgarh were suffering with Naxalism and they do not have any money or equipment to combat that. Uttarakhand recently faced floods and it could not handle the situation well and several people died. Center would not care sine there are one or two MPs and that does not make any dent in their number game. If it is not done right, there would be a bloody war ahead of us and future generations would have to suffer.
Written By ARA can be reached at ara2000@india.com
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