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TCA Celebrated its First Telangana Formation Day

Telangana Canada Association (TCA), celebrated its first Telangana formation day celebrations with pomp and gaiety on June 6th at Glenforest secondary school, Mississauga, Canada. The event aptly named “Dhoom Dhaam 2015” was attended by well over 500 people. 

The event commenced with a welcome speech by TCA Secretory Atheeque Pasha Syed and was followed with lamp lighting. 

TCA foundation committee members Sreenath Kunduru & Ramesh Munukuntla began the event by paying a 2 minute silence of tributes to Telangana martyrs who laid down their lives for the cause of separate statehood. 

This was then followed by a series of programmes lead by cultural secretory Venu Rokandla & team like Oggu Katha, Kolattam, Lashkar bonalu-potharaju possession and various folk art performances that showcased the rich Telangana culture. 

The event was graced by dignitaries from the likes of  Chief Guest Akhilesh Mishra, Consul General of India, Toronto and Hon Dipika Damerla, Associate minister of health, Ontario. Also, members of the  Telangana American Telugu Association Core committee  members : Dr Mohan Reddy Patalolla, Santosh Pathuri, Ramesh Chandra,  and working Committee member Sudheer Mirayala  attended the event in person from New Jersey, USA. 

TCA president Chandra Swargam briefly explained the achievements & charitable contributions that TCA has done over the past year and thanked all Telangana people residing in Canada for their active participation. 

Later, authentic Telangana cuisine food was served at the event, including  various types of veg & non veg items. It is a day for every Telangana resident to be proud of their efforts and contribution to the state. 

Vice President Koteshwar Rao Chittaluri  paid vote of thanks  to all the attendees and sponsors who contributed to work on collective initiative. Also, thanked the President: Chandra Swargam , General Secretary: Atheeque Pasha, Cultural Secretary: Venu Rokandla, Treasurer: Devender Gujjula, Joint Treasurer: Shanthan Narellapalli.  Directors: Venu Gudipati, Santhosh Gajawada, Radhika Rao Bejjanki, Sammaiah Vasam, Vijay Thirumalapuram, Ravinder Bayyarapu. Board of Trustees: Akhilesh Bejjanki, Hari Rawul, Rajeshwar Eada, Prabhakar Kambalapally  and passionate volunteers who took part in various activities venue arrangements, food arrangements, entertainment programs, other logistics and managing overall event to make it a grand success. 

Indeed this event was a success at every scale. Kids to grandparents all enjoyed the fun and frolic at this event. It not only shows the success of our state but also demonstrates the close knit family we Telangana residents form, by even being away from home. This bond is what we serve to strengthen. 

The event was concluded by paying respect to the Canadian & Indian national anthem lead by Manasvini & Meghana, respectively.

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