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T.A.T.A Board meeting held in Herndon, VA

Carrying its legacy of doing good to the Telangana community and to people across the globe, Telangana American Telugu Association conducted its board meeting in Herndon, VA.

The meeting saw people converging from all walks of life and attending with much enthusiasm. The prime agenda was clearly laid - welfare programs for the state of Telangana!

Dr. Pailla Malla Reddy, Chair - Advisory Council welcomed people from across North America and felt happy to see over 150 people attending the meeting with passion.

He outlined the objectives of the organization and requested all to think of how T.A.T.A as an organization can become synonym for welfare and hold the image of T.A.T.A high.

President Jhansi Reddy talking at the board meeting welcomed and requested the board to raise memberships across United States and requested to do more welfare related programs to the society.

Later Haranath Policherla Advisory Council Co-Chair, Vijaypal Reddy and newly inducted Dr. Sudhakar Vidiyala from Advisory Council thanked all for attending the meeting and hoped to see T.A.T.A doing community services that will benefit people in North America and in the state of Telangana.

T.A.T.A mourned for the death of Srinivas Kuchibhotla and requested people of Indian descent to be more vigilant over the spate of increased hate crimes across the nation.

Later the Executive Committee addressed the group and outlined the activities in the coming year. While membership remained the top priority for the year, the committee equally emphasized over social and community service that would benefit non-resident Telugus across the country and in the state of Telangana.

The following Board of Directors were inducted:
Ravinder Nagulagari
Srinivas Avula
Vamshi Reddy
Sharath Vemuganti
Narender Metuku
Naveen Malipeddi

As the meeting progressed, the Regional Vice-Presidents, Standing Committee Chairs provided their updates and promised to raise the image of T.A.T.A.

Advisory Council Chair, President and the rest of members felt extremely satisfied with the events being done by teams from various cities.

Mahesh Adibhatla was instated as the Treasurer for T.A.T.A, while appreciating the valuable services provided by outgoing Treasurer Goutham Goli.

Later a brief presentation on the upcoming T.A.T.A second anniversary in Dallas on April 29th was made by Event Advisor Vikram Jangam and Event Coordinator Mahesh Adibhatla to the board on the preparations.

The board reposed complete faith on Dallas team. Executive Committee President-Elect Mahender Musuku, Executive Vice-President Srinivas Anugu, Secretary Vikram Jangam, Executive-Director Bharath Madadi, Treasurer Mahesh Adibhatla, Joint-Treasurer Anil Arreballi, Member Goutham Goli, the board directors spoke at the meeting fueling fruitful discussions.

The team of Virginia included Executive Vice-President Srinivas Anugu, Board Directors Jagadish Bondugula, Rajesh Madireddy, Regional Vice-President Goverdhan Thokala were thanked wholeheartedly who hosted the board meeting in Virginia.

Later in the evening an entertainment from the local kids enthralled the audience with peppy song numbers.

The meeting ended with president Jhansi Reddy thanking the media, attendees for participating and showing enthusiasm to do good for the society.



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