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Surekha Vani Claims She's Just 40

Surekha Vani Claims She's Just 40

Actress Surekha Vani has a 20-year-old daughter Supritha. Surekha has been playing ‘aunt’ and ‘sister-in-law’ roles for a long time. But she says she has just turned 40.

On Wednesday, Surekha Vani celebrated her ‘40th birthday’ and posted videos and photos of the same on her Instagram. It is hard to believe that she’s just 40. But she claims so.

Surekha Vani’s husband passed away last year. Even before his death, they had been living separately.

Surekha Vani has a fan following on Instagram as she regularly posts her glamorous pics and also shares some funny videos shot with her daughter.

She is also planning to introduce her daughter Supritha as the heroine.



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