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Shocking Predictions In Six Months Old Panchangam

Shocking Predictions In Six Months Old Panchangam

Believing in Astrology has been personal choice. While a section of theists hold faith in it, there are number of rationalists those rule out the entire subject calling it trash.  

But some incidents catch the attention and lead to a debate. 

While the child prodigy Abhignya has released a video in August 2019, predicting the catastrophe between Nov 2019-April 2020, many said that it is a mere coincidence and this happens for one among many astrologers as a fluke.

But there is another Telugu Astrologer by name Srinivasa Gargeya who predicted the worst times to be faced by the world in his 2020-21 Saarvari Panchangam that was published six months ago. 

Here are a few glimpses:

- The world has to face the worst phase from the beginning of this year till the end due to the Kalasarpa Yoga that is forming six times in various intervals. 

- The festivals like Ugadi and other main auspicious days will lose their importance this year and the people also show little or no interest in celebrating them.  

- Though the nation and the governments give major importance to Hindu culture, they will be compelled to take extra safety measures. 

- There will be dire need for both the Center and State governments to safeguard the citizens with utmost care. 

- The bad times to the world start from Sankranthi 2020 and continue till the end of year Saarvari (summer of 2021)

Looking at the above prophecies, almost every point seems to have turned true, Though the cause is not known, the effect is predicted to the point. 

Government giving importance to Hindu cultural aspect can be understood as Namaste Campaign due to Corona breakdown. 

Ugadi and Ramnavami are not celebrated so far in the way they should be due to Lockdown. 

The need of governments to safeguard the citizens is seen. 

So, if one holds faith in this prediction, he has to mentally prepare for the worse days for another 10-12 months in intervals if not in continuous mode.