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Satire: Our Ministers Beat Satya Nadella

The hottest topic trending everywhere is Satya Nadella, the Telugu man who became the CEO of Microsoft. The latest on him has been his pay package.

It is heard that Satya would get Rs 112 crores per annum. Of course, nearly 60 to 70 percent from that goes to taxes so it can be said that his take-home would be Rs 5 – Rs 6 crores per month.

It has become great news in India but here’s another truth.

Satya stands no value in front of one set of people, they are our beloved politicians.

Well, they are earning multiple times of what Satya is earning each month.

For instance, there is our favorite leader from AP who cannot speak a single Hindi word properly and even his English is like butler English.

Talk is that just by sitting he is earning 10 to 15 cr per month. This involves no political games or strategies from him. In fact, he doesn’t even have that kind of brains. But just by sitting on the seat of power as a union minister, his income is that much.

Though some say this is mere speculation but many others say it is as good as a fact.

So, if he does a scam then his earnings will grow beyond comprehension.

This is the reason why politics has become the major attraction for many in our country.

Even the Microsoft CEO doesn’t stand in front of them when it comes to earning.  

That's how our country is languishing. Even those who can’t even say a single letter properly earns crores just by entering politics.

The entire world is talking about one Satya Nadella and his package but there are 100s of Satya Nadellas in our country in the form of our dedicated and committed Ministers, MPs and MLAs! Sad but true. 



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