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Rich Indians Line Up for US Green Card

Rich Indians Line Up for US Green Card

A visa programme by the United States of America that allows wealthy foreign investors to earn a fast track to permanent US residency has a queue of growing wealthy applicants from India and China applying for it.

EB-5 visa, also known at the 'Golden Visa', offers a green card to those who make huge investments and create at least 10 permanent jobs in the US.

The investor programme, started in 1990, was revised in March this year following a legislation passed by the US Congress, after being on hold for almost a year, Bloomberg reported.

According to the estimates of the investment migration consultant Henley & Partners, about 10,000 high-net-worth Chinese residents and 8,000 Indians are looking to leave through the EB-5 visa programme.

Since 2008, the Golden Visa programme had attracted $37 billion in foreign investments for projects, including the Trump Bay Street in Jersey City and New York’s Hudson Yards, according to the report.


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