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ReliableIPTV Introduces Combo-Plan IPTV plus Phone service

ReliableIPTV a popular IPTV service provider announced COMBO-PLAN (IPTV + Telephony Service) for a low monthly price of $29.99.

This plan includes all the channels of Telugu Entertainment offered by ReliableIPTV in addition to unlimited calling to USA and Canada, India & 60 other countries.

Customers could port existing phone number to ReliableIPTV at no extra cost. For prepaid plans of six months or higher ReliableIPTV is offering free RBOX a $90 value. Rbox replaces two devices such as SIP ATA & IPTV streaming set top box.

GA: What is this product offering?
RIPTV: Subscribers of this service would receive RBOX an Android device that has great streaming capabilities, rich navigation features and an integrated telephone service. A typical subscriber would receive 18 Telugu Channels of IPTV entertainment, a USA DID Phone Number, unlimited phone calling to USA, Canada and 3000 minutes of international calling to India & 60 other countries for a monthly low price of $29.99. Customer could port current home phone number to this device.

GA: What is RBOX?
RIPTV: Rbox is an Android Arm Cortex-9 1GHZ processor with built in h/w decoder and telephony circuit to provide IPTV streaming and SIP telephony in a single device. Customers having VoIP & IPTV service from two different providers could replace two devices with one and save approximately $20/month.

GA: Bandwidth related issues degrade Quality of Service for Voice & TV?
RIPTV: A typical house hold that is serviced by coaxial cable has bandwidth capacity to stream two channels of video and a telephone totaling 3200 kbps in bursts without any quality degration. FIOS & U-VERSE havw large bandwidth capacity to stream multiple channels in HD and telephony.

GA: How does Rbox compares to ROKU in features?
RIPTV: Roku has been designed to play prerecorded content. Android boxes are designed to play streaming channels and prerecorded video. Channel navigation is better with Rbox as compared to Roku. Arm processors have excelled is speed and video decode capabilities due their mass deployment in smart phones and pad/tablet computers. MIPS processors used my ROKU, WD Players have lost the battle to ARM processors.

GA: Do you provide India dialing from Cell phones using the same account?
RIPTV: ReliableIPTV has RPHONE app in apple store, iPhone and Android user could access our soft-switch to make call while away from home by registering to our sip server using customer login and password.

GA: What is the guarantee that RIPTV can provide stable service to customers?
RIPTV: Reliable has achieved more or less good stability in streaming in the past 2 years, SIP is a matured market unlike IPTV. IPTV is reaching stability and maturity like SIP in 2004~2005. We have done a 200 people beta test in New Jersey past 8 weeks and we have received rave reviews from customers.

Additional information and visual presentation on RBOX visit www.reliableiptv.com or else http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSMtve7QToU on youtube.