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Post IT raids godman Kalki claims to be 'more powerful'

Post IT raids godman Kalki claims to be 'more powerful'

Chennai: Refuting some media reports self-styled godman Kalki Bhagavan in a video message to his devotees said he has not fled the country but in fact has turned more powerful after the Income Tax raids.

In the video, Kalki Bhagavan, who was born as Vijaykumar, said: "The government or the IT Department has said we have fled the country." And refuted the claims accusing the media of spreading such information.

According to him, he and his wife are in Nemam in Tamil Nadu. He also assured his devotees that he and his wife would not leave for anywhere. "In fact, we have become more powerful," he asserted.

He said, they were not abandoning anything and the activities were continuing as usual at the ashrams.

He also said he and his wife, Padmavati, were in good health.

The Income Tax Department had carried out search operation at the Kalki Ashram, trust and the business premises of his son, which resulted in the detection of undisclosed income and seizure of gold, diamonds and foreign currencies valued at about Rs 500 crore.

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