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Poll: Ram Charan Is The Real 'Global Star'

Poll: Ram Charan Is The Real 'Global Star'

Ram Charan was recently titled as "Global Star" by Western critics. This announcement sparked a huge uproar among fans of Jr NTR.

Many of Jr NTR's supporters believed that he was the true hero of the movie RRR and, therefore, should have been given the title.

To gauge public sentiment, conducted a Twitter poll that received a remarkable 164,072 votes in just 24 hours. The results of the poll were surprising, as 56.1% of the votes were cast in favor of Ram Charan, while Jr NTR received 43.9%.

This outcome delighted Ram Charan's fans, who are now attributing the "Global Star" title to him.

The intense competition between the two actors is evident in this Twitter poll, with the number of votes polled. If not "Global Star," the fans should try for something else like "Universal Star" for Jr NTR.


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