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Opinion: 'Cunning' Naidu's Dirty Talk

Former CM and TDP president Chandrababu Naidu holds the credit of taking Hyderabad to a global level and projecting Andhra Pradesh as the hub for industrial and software development. Due recognition must also be given to him for the way he brought about a technological revolution in Hyderabad and got the city on par with places like Bangalore.

Today he is in the opposite side for the past nine years and is doing whatever he can to regain power. The frustration and anxiety is quite natural in that position but that doesn’t mean Naidu can blurt anything he wants and gets away with it. Many hold him in high regard for his dignified approach but all that has been ruined with his nasty comments these days.

I heard one of Naidu’s speeches and was shocked to see him come up with something like ‘Talli Congress and Pilla Congress (YSRCP) claim to be honest but a day will come when people will strip them naked and in such a way that both party members will S***t and P**s  in their clothes.’. what kind of a statement is that? Has Naidu lost his mind? Or is he becoming dirty? Or is he getting influenced by KCR?

To add to that, he has instructed that they should not read Sakshi newspaper. He is touring Krishna, Guntur districts where the Kamma domination is more. Is that the reason why he is showing his full flow by losing control? Even they are commenting what is this mental talk. The character of a leader is reflected in the way he talks or addresses others and the way Naidu has been behaving lately, it is only showing he is losing his sanity.

Written By Ganesh

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