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Opinion: AP Welfare Schemes Boost Up Business Sector

Opinion: AP Welfare Schemes Boost Up Business Sector

I have seen many above middle class people who lament about welfare schemes. They conclude that those schemes make people lazy and thus the economy will be in doldrums. They also quote some examples like Venezuela in this matter. It appears to be true when we see the face of it. 

But when something is done in right dosage, it boosts up the economy in the place of paralyzing it. It is something like a stimulant that should be given in the right proportion. 

Looking at the results, the YSRCP government seems to be applying the same formula knowingly or unknowingly.

The good number of welfare schemes are bringing enough money to the poor households. I called some friends who run businesses in AP towns and they said that the purchases are happening in a better way than before, maybe because of the money received by the poor people through welfare schemes. 

Considering the purchases happened in various outlets right from cloth stores to grocery shops and many other business spots, it will be understood that the performance in AP is far better than other places in the nation. 

Whatever the schemes being implemented by the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's government, they are helping as stimulants to boost up the economy especially in the post lockdown season. 

It is not far from the truth that anything done beyond a limit is always detrimental. But so far, the welfare schemes are working towards stimulating the cottage, small and medium scale business sector as a serendipity; apart from keeping the vote bank intact.

Usha Chowdhary

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