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Musk doesn't care if drinking diet coke affects life

Musk doesn't care if drinking diet coke affects life

X-owner Elon Musk on Sunday said that diet coke is "awesome" and he doesn't care if drinking gallons of it affects life.

In response to a post Musk said, "Diet Coke & Coke Zero are awesome. I don’t care if drinking gallons of it shaves a bit of life off. Worth it."

Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk's post.

While one user said, "I love regular coke, sorry, not Elon Musk, diet coke taste too fake to me," another posted, "I've been a Diet Coke addict for twenty-five years. I'm still alive, lol!"

Musk's love for diet coke is no secret.

Last month, even as global health officials were clamouring over aspartame being a possible carcinogen, Tesla CEO said that diet coke, which contains the artificial sweetener, is still his favourite drink.

Even last year, Musk had expressed his love for diet coke on the platform.

He posted, "Diet Coke is amazing, especially the soda fountain version at movie theatres with salt & butter popcorn."

"I don't even care if it lowers my life expectancy," he added.

Tech billionaire had also posted a picture on the platform, with four diet cokes, a traditional gun, and a revolver kept at his bedside table.

The popular drink has now been called unsafe for health, due to aspartame -- the artificial sweetener used in it. Aspartame is one of the world's most popular sweeteners, commonly used as a sugar substitute in foods and beverages, like diet sodas.

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) last month declared aspartame to be a cancer causing agent. However, the evidence cited was low.


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