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Many Twitter workers had their car windows smashed

Many Twitter workers had their car windows smashed

Twitter-owner Elon Musk on Thursday said that many Twitter workers feel insecure coming to work in downtown San Francisco and have had their car windows smashed.

Musk tweeted: "Many Twitter employees feel unsafe coming to work in downtown SF and have had their car windows smashed."

"They also got such a null response from the police that they rarely even bother reporting crimes anymore, because nothing happens," he wrote.

Several users expressed their thoughts on Musk's post.

While one user said, "Elon, bring Twitter to Florida," another commented, "Then why did you make everyone stop working remotely lol."

On June 11, the tech billionaire shared an incident and said that one of his friends experienced a shooting in San Francisco.

In April this year, he had said that one could literally film a 'Walking Dead' episode unedited in downtown San Francisco.

Meanwhile, last month, he had posted, "So many stores shuttered in downtown SF. Feels post-apocalyptic."

When one user asked "Didn't you vote for Obama and Biden? Things didn't turn to shit because of magic."

"Yes, but they are not to blame for San Francisco. Fundamentally, states and cities must occasionally vote for the other party or you have a one party system. SF is what happens when one party has control for several decades -- no feedback loop for correction, because they never lose, no matter how bad it gets," Musk replied.


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