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MANA America Telugu Associaton 1st Board Meeting

MANA America Telugu Associaton 1st Board Meeting

Mana American Telugu Association (MATA) is a new Telugu Association held their first board meeting on June 10th at Sheraton Edison, NJ and selected the Advisory Council, Board, EC and Honorary Advisors. MATA was launched on April 14th, 2023, at Royal Albert’s Palace in NJ, to serve Telugu Community living in North America with Seva (Service), Samskrithi (Culture) and Samanathvam (Equality) as its main principles. MATA was able to launch their chapters across the USA and set up the board in record time.

The founders of the organization announced the Advisory Council of the organization as follows to initiate the operations across USA. Advisory Council Members: Pradeep Samala and Jitender Reddy. Advisory Council installed the Board, EC, and Honorary Advisors of the organization. They all took the oath to protect the MATA constitution. Board also installed Regional Vice Presidents, Regional Coordinators, and Standing Committees.

Executive Committee: Srinivas Ganagoni (Founder & President), Praveen Guduru (General Secretary), Gangadhar Vuppala (Treasurer), Kiran Duddagi (Executive Director), Tony Jannu (Joint Secretary), International Vice Presidents: Rajender Anandeshi, Sreedhar Gudala, Srinivas Thatipamula, and India Coordinator: Dr. Vijaya Bhaskar Bolgam.

Honorary Advisors: Dr. Stanley Reddy, Shekar Vemparala, Venkatesh Muthyala, Jaideep Reddy, Damu Gedala, Pavan Darisi, Nandakumar Balija, Baburao Samala, Hari Eppanapally, Prasad Kunisetty, and Venkat Yerubandi.

Board of Directors: Srinivas Ganagoni, Praveen Guduru, Gangadhar Vuppala, Kiran Duddagi, Vijaya Bhaskar Kalal, Tony Jannu, Venkat Sunkireddy, Sreedhar Gudala, Rajender Anandeshi, Srinivas Thatipuamula, Venkat Vaddadi, Mallik Rao Bolla, Krishna Sree Gandam, Dr. Saraswathi Lakkasani, Mahender Narala, Nagesh Chilakapati, Pavani Dontagoni and Sridhar Pentyala.

Founder & President Srinivas Ganagoni welcomed the Board and congratulated AC, EC, Honorary Advisors, Board, RVPs, Standing Committees and RCs across the USA. Mr. Ganagoni explained the mission and vision of the organization to the Board and encouraged everyone to adhere to the 3 core principles of Seva, Samskrithi and Samanathvam. The organization will work towards the women empowerment, encourage youth and provide importance to senior citizens.

AC Members: Pradeep Samala & Jitender Reddy explained the core values of the organization and how we are unique and the next steps to continue the momentum and set up kick off events across USA and come up with a road map for the Community Services activities.

All the Honorary Advisors pledged their support and protect the best interest of the organization.

MATA team was able to organize the kickoff events in major cities: Virginia/DC on April 29, Maryland on April 30, Greater Philly on May 14, Dallas on May 20th, New York on May 21, and planned to conduct in Atlanta on June 16. MATA team is working on setting up kick off events in the rest of the cities in coming months.

MATA team felicitated Balagam Movie Director Venu Yeldandi on Saturday, June 10 dinner at a Restaurant.

For future programs and other details, please visit:

Board Meeting pics

Pics: Dinner with Venu Yeldandi (Balagam Movie Director)

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