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Lok Satta NRI's Fast for AP Special Status

Lok Satta NRI's Fast for AP Special Status

People for Lok Satta Detroit chapter extended their support to Lok Satta fight for AP Special status and few NRI's Participated in fasting in support to Dr JP's Sankalpa Deeksha. Few NRI's from PFL Michigan chapter Participated in the event.

Venkat Karnam an NRI said, We need to Support JP garu on this issue as it's a must for the betterment of Telugu states. Telugu people are being betrayed by Centre from past several years despite Telugus being played an active role in Political, Economic and IT Undoubtedly we need more attention.

Venkat Didugu - PFL Vice President for Andhra Pradesh Said, Polavaram has been pending for last 75yrs and the fund allocated for it this time is ridiculously low {100 Crores}. Same is the case with educational institutions. 200 crores aren’t enough. I urge central government to finish all these projects in this parliament term by allocating enough funds.

Raghuram Tadimalla - President PFL Said, There seems to be no match [mismatch of at least ~25K crores] between Central govt's estimates on budget deficit and state's actual requirement. Unless state government gives us official numbers this will go nowhere. They should also consider the special status for most backward areas like Northern Andhra and Rayalaseema.

Trivikram Gajulapalli Said, Rayalaseema with any of the existing 11 special status states, in any aspect and you will see that its lagging behind. In such a case if Centre doesn't grant special status and allow tax exemptions we don’t see any other way this region can attract investments or create more opportunities. Moreover its already facing 9000 crores budget deficit.

Raghuram, Trivikram and Venkat are the PFL NRI's who were among fasting in Support of Dr JP's Sankalapa Deeksha.

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