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Lockdown Love Culminates In Marriage

Lockdown Love Culminates In Marriage

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh): He is a driver and she was a beggar. He would distribute food among the poor on the pavement in Kanpur's Kakadeo area, and, one day, he asked her why she was sitting with the beggars.

She narrated her story to him and he fell in love with her.

Neelam's father had died and her mother is paralysed. Her brother and sister-in-law beat her up and drove her out of the house.

Since she had no means of survival, she joined the beggars on the pavement to survive.

Anil, who works as a driver for a well-known property dealer, would distribute food on his employer's behalf when he met Neelam.

Gradually, a deep bond of friendship developed between the two and Anil started cooking food for Neelam and her mother.

"I admired her courage and guts. She was not only fending for herself but also for her paralyzed mother," Anil told reporters.

Anil informed his employer, Lalta Prasad, about his friendship with Neelam and the former persuaded him to marry the girl if he genuinely liked her.

Prasad also convinced Anil's family to accept the alliance.

The marriage was solemnised last week at the Lord Buddha Ashram and both the families blessed the couple.

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