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ITSERVE SYNERGY 2017 - Most inspiring conference

ITSERVE SYNERGY 2017 - Most inspiring conference

ITSERVE SYNERGY 2017 will become the Most inspiring conference in Houston, TX with Eminent Speakers and Inspiring Entrepreneurs.

ITSERVE SYNERGY 2017 is an Annual Conference, and Banquet is going to be held in Houston, TX on Nov 30th and Dec 1st, 2017 at Hilton Houston North Hotel.

This conference is expected to attract and attended by 1500+ CEO’s and CXO’s from across the USA, which provides a platform for these executives to Network, Learn and Exchange various opportunities. That is focused on Knowledge sharing, Enhanced Networking and Accelerating Growth.

Many charismatic and persuasive Speakers are going to be a part of this prestigious conference with their valuable message to the entrepreneurs.

A good Leader can lead the business and create few more leaders, Mr. Jason Young, who is the president of LeadSmart Inc is expected to draw a crowd with his opening keynote on “High-performance Leadership and its impact in present and future”.

Technology trends are always on the frontline topic list, Mr. Rajesh Puri and Mr.Satya Kanimilli are going to share their professional inputs focusing on trends and emerging technologies and in what way we can utilize them to the business growth.

The convergence of internet and social networking platforms changed the business world; Mr. Jack Uldrich will take the keynote about “How the internet of things will open up a future of opportunity for businesses”.

Innovative ideas will bloom with funding, the ITServe Alliance Startup Cube members Mr. Swen Conrad, Mr. Jason Villalba, Mr.Danel Snyder and Mr. Suresh Keta support and coordinate with the startups.

Corporate Compliance plays a crucial role irrespective of the industry we choose for a company, Mr. Patrick Papalia, and Mr. Jake Posey will talk about the policies, federal and state laws and a more in-depth look into corporate compliance.

Accountability is always mattered the most in Staffing; Mr. Chris Jacob will provide an exciting session on “Staffing –getting to $10M and beyond”.

Prospective employees’ is what every company is looking today; Mr. Krishna Garimella and Mr. Luca Garritson will speak about Application Tracking System and its prospects in business.

Passive investments are appealing, Mr.Charlie Yelamachili will explore various things about “Crowdfunding and passive investments in the present business to see the future returns”.

An interesting and comprehensive session on staffing to products transformation, Mr.Raju Vegasena will talk about “How to move effectively from staffing into products”.

Immigration law set to change time to time and need a special focus, Ms. Emily Neumann and Mr.Rahul Reddy will provide a live workshop on Immigration and compliance to solve the present issues in immigration laws and procedures in detail.

Management of Human resources plays a crucial role in company’s success, Executive from Ceipal will talk about Human Capital Management solutions focusing on how companies need to manage the Human resources and implementation of the right management system.

Mr.Ganesh Shankar will feature the RFP workshop live with the members.

Accounting is what every company worry about at least once in their business journey, Executive from Nimble Accounting will speak about Custom Staffing Accounting software and how it is useful in every business.

About ITServe Alliance
ITServe Alliance is working with a purported objective to promote and protect the interests of its member companies to encourage growth. With access to over 777+ ITServe Alliance Member network, it is the best platform for Innovative ideas and development of the same at all levels.

ITServe Alliance is the most capable platform to collaborate and initiates measures delivering measurable and lasting results that help reinforce trust that inspire us, to see challenges as opportunities to transform, thrive, support to lead the way towards a stronger economy in the direction of protecting common interests and ensuring collective success.

ITServe Synergy 2017 IT Conference
ITSERVE SYNERGY 2017 CONFERENCE is an information-rich event which provides owners and executives with strategies and solutions that addresses the unique needs of IT Solution & Services Industry.

This Year, ITServe Synergy2017 Conference is scheduled at Houston, TX on Nov 30th and Dec 1st2017.Conference Registration is Open. Please visit our Synergy Portal for registration, conference schedule, speakers, and sessions.

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