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Invitation to NRIS for World Telugu Conference

Invitation to NRIS for World Telugu Conference

New Jersey: Telangana Government is conducting the World Telugu Conference in Hyderabad from Dec 15 to 19.

Mahesh Bigala, WTC - NRI Coordinator travelled many countries and attended Sannahaka Saddassulu in UK, USA and Canada. The response from NRIs community is amazing and the Sannahaka Sadassulu a grand success on a whole.

NRI community welcomed the idea of World Telugu Conference initiated by Honorable CM. Sri Chandrasekhar Rao garu and they pledged their support towards the conference. World Telugu Conference chairman, Nandini Siddareddy along with all other core committee members are working hard to make this conference memorable to all.

Sannahaka Sadassulu in NJ organized in Royal Albert’s Palace on Sunday Nov 19, 2017. The Chief Guest Mahes Bigala (WTC - NRI Coordinator) invited all the NRI community to participate in the World Telugu Conference in Hyderabad.

The event is organized professionally by WTC-NJ Invitation Committee led by Srinivas Ganagoni and Ravi Dhannapuneni. The event was filled with energy and more than 200 people attended the event.

The representatives from all the national and local Telugu organizations such as ATA, TANA, NATA, NATS, TDF, Tena, PTA, Vision Telangana, GHHF, TFAS, NRVA, Kalabarathi are participated and pledged their support towards the World Telugu Conference. In addition, the representatives from TRS, OFBJP and Congress party are also attended and supported the event.

The event was started with US, Indian and Telangana National Anthem and a classical dance by the students of Nrityamadhavi Dance School. Many local singers sang Telugu songs and the special performance of Ekpatribinayam by a professional artist from India visiting USA.

Mahesh Bigala explained the importance and prominence of the World Telugu Conference and invited all Telugus personally to attend and be part of it. He also invited poets, writers to take active part in the conference.

The preparatory meetings (Sannahaka Sadassulu) also successfully organized in London (UK), Atlanta (USA), Toronto (Canada), San Francisco (USA) and Dallas (USA) and the response from the NRIs is positive. It was a huge compliment for Telangana Government to undertake such a magnanimous task to invite Telugus across the globe.

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