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Full Time Job Vs Green Card

Many H1-B visa holders in USA prefer full time jobs over IT consulting jobs. This fact is obvious because a full time job offers stability, minimal relocation and travel, ability to buy a house in the early years of an employee’s career phase. Most importantly a full time employee does not need to deal with a new client and a new workplace every year.

However green card sponsorship and full time jobs rarely mix. Instead of a smooth cocktail drink you will have an oil and water mix. Most full time jobs are in corporations with hundreds or thousands of employees.

A layoff of 2 to 3 employees can affect the ability of a corporation to file a green card for 180 days according to Department of Labor rules.

Corporation CEO’s from prestigious schools like Harvard Business School are completely cut off from the hardships and ground realities of H1-B employees.

It is very easy to formulate a 1 to 3 years non sponsorship policy for existing H1-B employees for political correctness even though it is not required by government regulations.

In simple terms the green card process is divided into three stages PERM (or labor), I-140 and I-485.

Once the PERM and I-140 are approved a green card applicant is assigned a green card cut-off date called the priority date. The moment of priority dates is determined by a monthly visa bulletin.

A One Year stint in IT consulting will help you get a green card cut-off date or priority date (after Perm and I-140 are approved) in the long queue of green card applicants. This date will remain yours and can be transferred to a new green card application by a new employer even if the old employer withdraws the I-140.

We request candidates whose employers refuse to file their green card stating changes in company policy or layoffs or length of employment before becoming eligible to file for green card to send their resumes to or call us at (813) 944-0216.

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