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Exclusive: Shameful Acts At TANA Elections

Exclusive: Shameful Acts At TANA Elections

Some disgraceful incidents are reported from the ground level of  the upcoming TANA Elections. There are some reports that a group has stolen the ballots in Virginia and Maryland. The suspected students were also caught red handed as per the sources. 

Whatever be the group that is involved in this ballot theft, it is certainly a sign of disgrace for the Telugu people living in America. 

It should be underlined that TANA is a non profit organization. When this kind of malpractices happen during the elections it clearly gives a hint even to the common man that something big is happening in the back doors of such organizations. They may come to the conclusion that "non profit" is a myth. 

"TANA was a respectful organisation when it was founded and eventually run by some Doctors. There used to be a lot of dignity in the overall constitution of TANA. But when the software engineers entered the scene, they messed it up with their political ambitions, greed and cheap behavior. Many are craving for power in TANA only to enjoy the Business Class trips between India and USA at the cost of TANA, to develop trophy relationships with the film stars, PM of India and the CMs of two Telugu states", said a senior associated with TANA.

"In olden days, the film stars used to give respect to TANA members and its heads. Now some of the TANA  representatives are bowing down their heads and standing with folded hands in front of the film heroes. This speaks what kind of self esteem these guys are projecting", said an NRI. 

"It should be noted that no other Telugu organization is as controversial as TANA with regard to various allegations and cases. Some of the members who are involved in some unexplainable indecent activities brought a lot of disgrace to the other members also", said an Ex woman member of a Telugu organization in the condition of anonymity.

"The acts that happen generally in Indian election system by the involvement of uneducated and indecent crowds are being replicated in the TANA elections by the so called educated guys. Casting the fake votes and stealing the ballots are only to name a few. There are many incidents of buying and selling fake votes. That's a different racket all together", said an NRI living in New Jersey. 

All the Telugu people should only wish that the image of TANA is corrected in the interest of the overall image of the Telugu people living in the USA. 

Though TANA is engaged in several inspiring social, cultural, philanthropic activities, this kind of negativity is camouflaging the good.

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