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'Ee Office Lo: A New Beginning'

'Ee Office Lo: A New Beginning'

Categorised as an office drama, Ee Office Lo is a Telugu Drama Web Series that comprises of 13 episodes. Produced by Tamada Media and presented by Annapurna Studios, Ee Office Lo is a refreshing watch as compared to the other series in the category.

Also, in the Ee Office Lo web series, the cast is a bunch of versatile Telugu actors that keep the audience intrigued with an impeccable performance.

Cinematographed by the talented Sidha Karumuri, every scene is very well presented. Each episode of the series is no longer than 25 minutes and comes packed with a strong storyline. What’s interesting is, seeing how each scene leads to the other.

This series is available on the OTT platform Viu.

About Viu
Viu ticks all the right boxes when it comes to what a user expects from an OTT platform – a varied list of content ranging from classic hits to the latest in entertainment. The content collection on Viu includes web-series, movies, Korean dramas and so much more.

And in terms of freshness, the OTT platform has its own list of originals.

What’s all this buzz about OTT?
There is a new wave that has taken the digital market and its viewership by storm - the over-the-top (OTT) platforms. Viewers today, are increasingly opting for this entertainment medium rather than the traditional cable connection or DTH services.

As per current figures, India’s video streaming industry is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 21.82% to reach Rs. 11,977 crore by 2023. The global accounting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), has reported that the over-the-top (OTT) platform would see the highest growth rate among all segments, in the next five years.

With the current development and viewership behaviour, it can be said that the OTT video industry has the potential to evolve the overall media and entertainment industry across the country.

Why did people move to OTT platforms?
One of the main reason for this shift is the fact that the OTT platforms offer unique, user-based content options as compared to other entertainment mediums. With the advent of the OTT platforms, access to substantial English content has increased. This made a huge difference to users, as previously they could only access 5% of English content compared to what they are being offered on OTT platforms currently.

Another reason for the rapid growth of OTT platforms is original content. OTT platforms are making every effort to produce original content, offering users with fresh entertainment. That’s why original web series like Ee Office Lo on OTT platforms like Viu are making an impact.

A peek into Ee Office Lo
The story revolves around the protagonist Siddhu, played by the promising debutant Chaitanya Krishna, who quits his job in the States and heads home to fulfil his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. He is accompanied on this journey by his cousin Shrikant, who believes in Siddhu’s dreams.

Soon, an enterprise of merely two people evolves into a team of seven members. The group is a unique mix of people coming from different backgrounds and professional expertise played by Shahidhar, Rakendu Maouli, Abhijeeth Poondla, Rakesh Rachakonda, Vaishnavi, and Swetaa Varma.

As Siddhu and his team embark upon a dream journey, he learns what it really takes to build a company. Siddhu, by now, has invested all this savings and earnings of five years into launching his own IT firm. What follows is a juggernaut, where friendships are forged, personality clashes set in, and general politics for climbing up the corporate ladder comes into picture. Siddhu faces such challenges every day.

Going further in this original web series by Viu, viewers will see different shades of Siddhu’s personality. From dealing with dicey situations involving clients to handling the internal dynamics of his team, Siddhu is tested every day.

What started as a dream, when reality sets in, becomes the most important lesson Siddhu learns in his life. It teaches him what it means to be a leader, a person, a professional, and what it takes to stay driven by a dream.

What’s more?
As the storyline progresses, Sadineni has also touched upon the central aspect, such as the paradigm shift observed in youngsters today. The director has thoughtfully presented why the youth feel the need of taking up entrepreneurship over employment.

The Web Series beautifully portrays how the youth have become more outspoken about pursuing their dreams rather than running the 9-5 treadmill. This seems to have also changed their dynamics with their family.

Long-story-short, the series Ee Office Lo is a great watch and a good reason to move to an OTT platform.

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