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e-Paper Highlights: Paper Heroes

e-Paper Highlights: Paper Heroes

If three people are making their presence felt with useless dialogues and no show, then they are Pawan Kalyan, Kiran Kumar Reddy and Jai Prakash Narayan.

Given that Pawan Kalyan has entered the scene rather late, he has been making more noise than the others.

With bifurcation, the future of both the states has become crucial.

Let’s see how these three leaders fare in terms of popularity:

Jaya Prakash Narayan
Aam Aadmi Party emerged at a time when the going is good for them. This was not the case with Lok Satta. When Jaya Prakash established the party, there was political vacuum in the state. He used his acumen as an able administrator and analyst to establish the party and ensure that it spread its roots in the state. But for the forthcoming elections, JP has announced that his party will not be contesting for all seats. Many say it’s because he does not want to split the votes that TDP could get otherwise. The king-makers who want to see TDP in power are convincing him to take it slow and have a friendly understanding with the TDP. However, one thing is clear – JP has decided to come down one step for a profitable poll alliance for both parties.

Kiran Kumar Reddy
The entire bifurcation process happened via Kiran Kumar Reddy and during his time as the CM. But he turned around and blamed the Congress government in the Centre for bringing about separation. In the process, he was criticized vehemently by the Telangana leaders. And the party is in a rather pitiable situation with no MLAs and party workers to mobilize cadre and contest the polls.

Since people from both the states have no intentions of getting back together, the party has no future. In fact, the coterie including TG Venkatesh, Rayapati, Erasu and others have already joined the TDP. Similarly Pitani Satyanarayana and Sailajanath are on the brink of jumping into another party. And on the other hand, people like Undavalli and Lagadapati are playing safe by announcing that they will not contest the polls.

Just like KA Pal’s Viswashanti Party, Jai Samaikyandhra Party too is struggling hard to have a clear-cut agenda.

Pawan Kalyan
The matinee idol has made it clear that his party will not be contesting during the forthcoming elections. If one looks back, there have been many twists during the inception of the party. However, he seems to have more clarity than his brother Chiranjeevi. His confusion was obvious during the public meeting he held in Vizag. But his agenda seems to be to please and praise Modi. And he has joined the likes of Nagarjuna in doing so.

On the flip side, Pawan Kalyan is behaving like a paid servant, whose main agenda is to promote the cause of Modi and Chandra Babu. So if BJP and TDP come to power, Jana Sena might be history or it might become defunct. And if YSRCP comes to power, Pawan Kalyan might end up criticizing the party for days to come. Just like a nomad street performer, Pawan has sprung into the political scene at a crucial time.


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