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Dr. YSR Foundation USA - Hudhud Cyclone Relief Fund

Dr. YSR Foundation USA - Hudhud Cyclone Relief Fund

We all know the complete devastation that cyclone Hudhud had caused to northeast Andhra, especially to the city of Vizag. There were at least 35 deaths and an estimated property damage in the tune of several thousands of crores of rupees.

While our efforts may never get the victims to complete normalcy ever again but, we, as NRIs can pitch into help them come back to their feet.

We, at Dr. YSR Foundation USA, would like to encourage you to donate generously to the victims of this severe wrath of nature. Every dollar will be sent directly to the victims.

Please visit http://www.drysrfoundation.org/html/donations.php to make an online donation and choose Other and mention AP Cyclone Relief 2014 in Mandal/District field, or make check payable to Dr. YSR Foundation and send your contribution to

Dr. YSR Foundation Inc., PO Box 495, Princeton JCT, NJ 08550

For most of you, your contribution may be tax deductible, as Dr. YSR Foundation USA is a non-profit organization with 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@drysrfoundation.org, should you have any questions.

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