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Crorepati's wife runs away with autorickshaw driver

Crorepati's wife runs away with autorickshaw driver

In a bizarre case from Madhya Pradesh's Indore, the wife of a millionaire businessman ran away with an autorickshaw driver who is reportedly 13 years younger than her.

The incident, which took place in the Khajrana area of Indore on October 13, came to light after the husband filed a complaint with the police about the disappearance of his wife. It was also alleged that the woman fled after taking Rs 47 lakh from the house.

Reports said the auto-rickshaw driver used to often drop the wife at her house. The husband was alerted about the disappearance on October 13 when she didn't return home at night. Later, the man came to realise that Rs 47 lakh was missing from his home.

News reports further stated that the husband, who is a landowner, had kept the money in the cupboard.

As of now, the police are investigating the matter and the search for the millionaire's wife and the auto-rickshaw driver is on.

Initial investigation revealed that the autorickshaw driver is named Imran. He is 32-years-old and was traced to four cities - Khandwa, Javra, Ujjain, and Ratlam.

The police have raided all the aforementioned locations to find the driver and the accused woman.

That's not all. Some officers recovered Rs 33 lakh in cash from the house of another man who is reportedly friends with Imran.

Earlier this year,  a bride tied the knot with a baarati (guest) after the groom mysteriously disappeared from the wedding venue. The incident was reported from Maharajpur town in the Kanpur district of Uttar Pradesh.

The jaimala ceremony in which the bride and the groom exchange garlands had already taken place. While the families were preparing for the main wedding rituals, the groom suddenly went missing from the venue. Both the families searched for the groom for a long time, but he was nowhere to be found.

Eventually, the bride's family got to know that the groom had run away from the venue for reasons only known to him.

Expectedly, the bride's family was shocked and the bride was left devastated after she was stood up just moments before the wedding.

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