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Claiming a Non Resident Spouse on the Tax Return

Claiming a Non Resident Spouse on the Tax Return

Most of the taxpayers miss to claim non-resident spouse on their tax return, If spouse of a tax payer is in India or living out of US he can still claim her on the US Tax return and avail the benefit of filing a joint return and also can apply ITIN.

The Election 6013 clauses with (g) and (h) provide an option for couple to file joint return. As the case may be, at the end of the tax year, spouse may be non-resident and taxpayer is citizen or resident.

Election with 6013(g) remains valid until specifically revoked and with 6013(h) remains in the year of election.

To make the election, the married couple must attach few of the statements forms to the joint tax return.

Statement of agreement to file jointly, a declaration that they choose to be treated as U.S resident for the tax year, name of each spouse’s and address with identification number.

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