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Boost Your Bedroom Confidence

Being nervous, scared and jittery before a lovemaking session with your partner is common. However, this is only the case if you consider it to be a daunting task. There are certain ways through which you can give yourself a confidence boost and ease out the sexual unrest.

One way of keeping the sexual uncertainties and anxieties at bay is by embracing open communication and sharing a sense of humour. Even generally, sharing a laugh eases things out and relaxes the people involved.

It reduces the stress inducing hormones and also boosts immunity. For instance laughing at the bizarre noises one makes during the act instead of getting embarrassed can help in easing the tension.

Secondly, communication is important. Your partner will find you more attractive if you are vocal about your desires, wants, likes and dislikes. Fretting and getting scared about your performance between the sheets will only ruin the fun. It is important to just go with the flow, focus on how your body feels during the act and not run behind perfection.

It is advisable that you learn from your previous mistakes — whether it was a certain position between the sheets or a particular foreplay technique. Knowing what has worked for you in the past always helps.



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