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Benefits Of Sex And Fantasizing

Benefits Of Sex And Fantasizing

Sex is something which anyone in this world would crave for and it is due to the sheer pleasure of experiencing intimacy and physical delight.

But there are many who say sex starts from the mind and so one also has the power of fantasize to the fullest and derive few pleasures of its own.

So, both sex and fantasizing are two activities whose ultimate aim is to give pleasure.

According to a study, participating in frequent sex increases longevity and also gives a young look to the human body.

As for fantasizing, it always acts as a very good stress buster and stimulates the mind in a big way.

Fantasizing is quite natural among humans of any age and though it is not necessary that all fantasies come true but fantasizing to try various things with your sexual partner keeps the relationship alive and exciting.

Overall, indulging in both sex and fantasy are always beneficial.


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