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Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting July 1

Astrology: Your horoscope for the week starting July 1

Aries (21st Mar – 20th Apr): Be patient and gain some experience by sticking to one job for some time rather switching over from one job to other. Pressure from superiors may nag you. Stick to basic and try not to react to provocation.

Any misunderstandings with siblings should be cleared off by communicating and expressing the feelings, if left, they may lead to more problems in long run.

Your plans to utilize the leisure hours will be successful. Disputes in property matters are indicating. Unexpected guests are likely. 

Taurus (21st Apr – 21st May): Unnecessary arguments may hurt the relationships with family members, especially with words you speak. You are advised to stay away from the heated discussions. Financial crisis may resurface. Loans may be rejected at this juncture.

You are likely to be disappointed with the behavior of your near ones, especially in fiscal matters. You may be inclined to change your point of view. Consulting elders for advice, who are older than you may bring some peace.  You will visit the places that you have not been ever before.  

Gemini (22nd May – 22nd Jun): Your fear that holds you back from expressing your thoughts in debates will stop you from moving to next levels in the organization.

Don’t feel narrow-minded because you are supposed to do things in a certain way, because this is a great opportunity to try a different approach for a change.

Financial dealings will be successful. Monitoring expenditure is compulsory at this juncture. Don’t postpone, if any health checkups are necessary. Regular mediation and exercise will keep your mental health in good condition. 

Cancer (23rd Jun - 22nd Jul): Good exposure at work place is predicted. There will be a raise in income for the business people. Freelancers will get abundant opportunities to increase their business.

Investments made at this juncture will yield good results in long run. You will develop spiritual enthusiasm. Students will achieve good heights with self-confidence and those who are trying to travel abroad for higher studies will do so. 

Travel plans will be successful. Being transparent in love life will make your bond more strong and blissful.  

Leo (23rd Jul – 22nd Aug): Some important issues may get delayed. Unnecessary negotiations may lead to heated discussions with colleagues or associates. Better to avoid direct in speech as this would provoke aggressive reactions.

You have to work on the habit of getting annoyed for simple things also. Postponement in the travel plan is likely. Excitement in new projects will make you to work hard.

Spending some quality time with friends will be joyful. Elder in the family may suffer due to health ailments. 

Virgo (23rd Aug – 22nd Sep): Expenditure will increase in domestic affairs. You may have to spend from your reserves in some situations to meet the demands. Those who are seeking for betterment in career will get good opportunities. Joint ventures may suffer due to poor fiscal management.

Students may have to go far from their own places to join their choice of courses. You are likely to stretch your working hours to finish the pending projects or to deliver the given assignments on time. 

Libra (23rd Sep – 22nd Oct): Your enthusiasm to attain spiritual growth will be successful. You are likely to take some decision based on your past experiences. Calculated risks in the new investments will be beneficial.

Additional responsibilities may increase in the family. Work related activities will be successful. New assignments given at work place will be interesting.

Excellent growth is predicated for the independent entrepreneurs. Loved ones will be very caring and attached. Friends support in few issues will help you in clearing of some urgent works in a short time. 

Scorpion (23rd Oct – 22nd Nov): A person from your close circle may seek financial help from you. You may have to respond positively for someone’s problems. Domestic matters may need attention.

Your mental balance in some situations will certainly bring harmony and peace of mind. You will improve your rapport with the people around you with your chummy nature.

Those who are planning to learn new courses will do so with little efforts. You are likely to spend time in spiritual activities. Think twice before making any commitments. 

Sagittarius (23rd Nov – 22nd Dec): New ideas to improve your business will be beneficial. Your efforts to balance domestic affairs and professional affairs will be successful. Busy work schedule is likely. Those who are facing legal issues will get some relaxation for some time.

Your practical dealing in financial matters will keep your reserves safe. Those who are waiting for the approval to start new assignments will get the consent.

Monetary gains are apparently indicating in second line of tasks provided if you choose your choices carefully. You are likely to receive gifts from your loved ones. 

Capricorn (23rd Dec – 22nd Jan): You will be able to finish or achieve your tasks by doing hard work. In joint ventures, you will be given additional responsibilities to handle. You may have to face your opponents with confidence to make your path easy.

Contractors may sign new deals. Public figures may have to be little careful at this juncture to avoid mishaps. Students will have abundant opportunities to choose their choice of studies.

Giving or helping beyond your limits may bring some hurdles in the long run. Domestic life will be happy and joyful 

Aquarius (23rd Jan - 22nd Feb): Students will do extremely well in their studies. Those planning for higher studies will get good openings.  Your hard work will be proven successful. You are likely to maintain good rapport with everyone.

Good opportunities are foreseen for the people working in research fields. Simple changes in life style will ease up your routine works well organized. 

Health should not be neglected, small ailment also to be attended immediately. Happiness in personal relationships is assured.  

Pisces (23rd Feb – 20th Mar): Good time to invest on short term plans. Allocating your finances wisely will bring good results in long run. Business people trying for loans or investing more finances in the existing projects will be successful.

Responsibilities will increase in both professional and personal life. Good deals are likely to the people in creative fields.

Your ability to manage the multiple tasks in some situations will win many people’s appreciations. Your positive attitude could earn you respect and favors from superiors too. Travel plans will be fruitful.



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