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Astrology: Your forecast for May 10-16

Astrology: Your forecast for May 10-16

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for May 10-16.

ARIES: This week will bring wealth and luxury and improve your family ties too. You will act wisely, but you need to be courageous as well to be in line with the situation at hand. You have to keep a watch on your expenses as some unexpected spending is likely to occur. You may have some discord with your spouse. So, be careful and it is advised to stay calm and maintain proper communication without leaving any scope for misunderstanding. Your creativity and innovative approach at the workplace will show you in good light, which will help you gain favour in the near future. Health will be favourable but avoid eating oily food.

Tip of the week: Be courageous when required

TAURUS: This week your acceptance within the social circle will increase. You may come in contact with some influential people. Your relationship with those around you will work well to push your prospects ahead on the personal and financial front. This is a great time for you to explore something new and enhance your learning ability. You will like to work on some new projects that you may have been eying for long. You are likely to spend money on entertainment and shopping. If you are looking for a new job, then this week will turn out to be favourable for you. It is advised to take care of your health as small ailments can worry you.

Tip of the week: Explore new things

GEMINI: This week you may have some financial instability due to the health issue of your partner. You may be inclined to spend money on improving your comforts. However, do not go overboard in spending money and remain concerned about saving money for the future. You can become lazy at times. It is important for you to develop spiritual practices in your life and involve yourself in meditation to remain physically and mentally healthy. You may have better monetary gain in foreign countries. Also, if you're planning for further studies then you can pursue education in a foreign country. Those of you who are single can develop a new romantic relationship.

Tip of the week: Save money for the future

CANCER: You will be full of love and compassion this week and will like to connect with people. You will develop political connections and will be interested in worldly affairs. This is an auspicious period for your career as new job opportunities are likely to come through. Your financial position will also improve. This period will be beneficial for your love life. You will spend some quality time with your partner and mutual understanding between both of you will improve. You are also likely to get benefited from investing in property. You will get good support from your elder siblings which will help you resolve family issues.

Tip of the week: Work with compassion

LEO: This week you will see positive developments on the work front. Your relations with your superiors will improve and you will receive strong support from them to discharge your duties. This is also a phase wherein you will have financial stability since new sources of income will come to light. Taking advice from your father will help you plan your finances better. Purchase of a new property or vehicle is on the cards. An auspicious event or function can also get organised at your home which will keep the family happy and elated. Your spouse will remain supportive but may face some health issues. Health ailments relating to chest need to be monitored closely.

Tip of the week: Look out for new sources of income

VIRGO: Your luck factor will improve this week. This is a good time for pursuing higher education as it will give you favourable results. You will be blessed with various rewarding opportunities as well. Career and financial front will also be good as a promotion or job transfer is a strong possibility. The inflow of money will continue and you can look at suitable investment options. Your younger siblings will acquire benefits and will achieve an important milestone on the professional front. Some of the newly married couples can expect to become parents during this time. Your father's health can be a source of concern. Those looking to move abroad will hear some good news.

Tip of the week: Good news all around

LIBRA: There will be sudden betterment in life. Career will stabilise and new opportunities will come to the fore. This is a favourable period to gain from sale of parental property. Your financial position will gain strength. You may be inclined to buy some property, however refrain from taking any major decision as of now. Also, take care of your health and expenses related to it. If you are married, then you will have the opportunity to attend a function with your in-laws. Your relationship with in-laws will get strengthened and peace and harmony will prevail over the domestic front. Your children could move abroad this week to pursue higher studies.

Tip of the week: Circumstances will improve

SCORPIO: Chances of you entering into a partnership with some influential persons are on the cards. It is a good period to strengthen your bonds on the personal as well as professional fronts and you may get a chance to visit a foreign country. It is advised that you stay cautious while communicating as misunderstanding with your business partners may arise. You will see an increase in your negotiation power in business which will help you in closing profitable deals. You could face some obstructions in your love life. Those of you who are unmarried could face pressure from their partner to make a commitment. Health will remain in a stable state. You will be involved socially and will be duly recognised in your social circle.

Tip of the week: It's time to make commitments

SAGITTARIUS: This week will give you mixed results. Career-oriented people will be inclined for a job change in order to grow and find better prospects. Your financial position will remain sound, although your personal expenses may increase. It is likely to be a very favourable period for appearing in any competitive project as you are likely to come out with flying colours. Students will be able to register a significant achievement in academics. Health issues of your spouse or elder sibling may cause some worry. You may have to face some opponents; hence it is advised not to engage in any unnecessary arguments. Be aware of water borne diseases as there are chances that you may suffer because of them.

Tip of the week: Do not engage in futile arguments

CAPRICORN: It is a favourable period for growth in career as you are likely to get a promotion or move a step ahead in your professional life. Those of you in business will see profits increasing this week. You can plan to expand your existing venture. Some of you can look to start an educational endeavour. You will gain financially and will remain in a comfortable position on the financial front. Single ones may plan to propose to their long-term partner which will help develop a lasting relationship. Those already in a relationship need to be on their guard and avoid ego in their interactions. Newly-wed couples can plan to extend their family this week.

Tip of the week: Plan ahead

AQUARIUS: You will gain authority this week to take important decisions at the workplace. There will be growth in your creative abilities which will get you the desired results. If you are planning to invest in any property, then you will benefit more during this period. Those in business will get success in looking for fresh investment in their business. Those who reside in foreign countries may be granted the opportunity to return to their homeland. Your domestic life will be filled with peace and harmony. You are advised to stay at home and look at different ways to decorate your house. You may spend money in construction or renovation of your home.

Tip of the week: Take decisions wisely

PISCES: The current planetary position will make you creative which will help you think out-of-the-box to solve problems in your professional life. It is advised that you should stay cautious while communicating as it may create problems with your colleagues. Short-term travels due to work/business will give you favourable results. On a slightly negative note, you may suffer from mental stress and anxiety; you may have to remain dependent on your co-workers for the completion of small tasks. You will remain fortunate in terms of financial aspects. Your bonding with siblings will increase and your family life will stay harmonious.

Tip of the week: Be creative

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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