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Astrology: Forecast for February 15-21

Astrology: Forecast for February 15-21

Here is a guide to the week ahead for you. This is your forecast for February 15-21

ARIES: This week your inflow of income will increase and doors to gains will get unlocked. Senior officials will remain satisfied with your work, which will also ensure the inflow of comforts. If you are into business, then new prospects will be created. As compared to your opponents, you will remain in a strong position, which is why you will not encounter any problems put forward by them. Those students who are pursuing their education will come across a golden period as strong academic results will come into the forefront. If you are married, then your children will touch new heights of success. Meanwhile, those who are in a love relationship may experience bittersweet moments. During this time there is a good chance of you getting property related benefits, so use this time properly and you can make any investment related to property.

Tip of the week: Students will excel in studies

TAURUS: You will experience professional success this week. You will get unprecedented authority at your workplace. Along with recognition, you may also be provided a chance to lead a new project. Not only this, a salary hike or promotion is also on the cards. Those who are in a government job are likely to get news about their transfer with additional perks and benefits. Your domestic life will remain quite smooth and your family members will be proud of your achievements. The blessings of your parents will be obtained. With the guidance of your father, you can initiate a new project or business venture. From the point of view of business, this week will prove to be quite beneficial. You will remain in a prosperous state of mind. There will be many opportunities to have fun with friends, which will make your mind happy.

Tip of the week: Be prepared to lead a new project

GEMINI: The start of the week can bring good news for you. You will achieve recognition for your efforts. Your position in society will improve and your stature will increase. Money and riches will come to you in abundance and your confidence will increase on account of your success with regard to various fields of life. Some of you aspiring to join a government job will taste success. However, your father's health may cause some worry. You will actively participate in social functions and activities. The support of a fatherly figure will prove to be a boon for you. You may remain somewhat worried about your siblings due to their financial position. Overseas journeys will prove to be favourable for you. This will be a favourable period for children and they will progress in their work. Your efforts in the field of education will be successful and you will get good results.

Tip of the week: Listen to your mentor's advice

CANCER: This week you will receive mixed outcomes. On the one hand, there will be chances of you getting access to an ancestral property while on the other your father's health may deteriorate. If you have been involved in any unlawful activity, then you may have to face some stress on account of the same. Some people may receive financial gains from their in-laws. At the same time, some others may start a new project or business venture along with some of their in-laws. Your life partner's health may remain impacted which can cause some worry. It is not a good time to invest in business, which is why you should postpone any such idea. You can go to someplace which is located far away from your residence. During this time, your opponents can be active, so be cautious of them.

Tip of the week: Beware of your competitors

LEO: This week your health will improve gradually and as compared to before, you will remain in a stable state physically. However, some problems are foreseen in your conjugal life as ego and temper issues may impact your mutual relationship. Meanwhile, those who are into business will encounter some favourable results. During this time, you will take some strong decisions which will prove to be a profitable deal for you in the future. You will feel your home is a relaxed place. But household expenses will increase, which can affect your financial situation. It is possible that during this time you may consider buying a new house, vehicle or property. At the end of the week, there could be an increase in mental stress. This could affect your decision-making ability as well as health-related problems due to bad food habits.

Tip of the week: Keep a check on your food habits

VIRGO: You will acquire success in various legal matters and outsmart your rivals successfully. There will be the right amount of balance in your income and expenditure. Consequently, your financial situation will remain in a stable state. you will get good results at work and your work will be appreciated. There will be an atmosphere of happiness and peace in your family life too. If you do business, you can invest capital in it to expand your business. You will also get full support of your family members in your business. You are advised to not get involved in any activity which has been outlawed by the court as you may have to face repercussions. When it comes to your health, you should maintain certain precautions. Seasonal fever may bother you. Some of you may also get opportunities to undertake foreign journeys.

Tip of the week: Foreign journey is on the cards

LIBRA: Your financial position will improve and you will receive gains from multiple sources. Those working in the government sector will come across an auspicious time. However, some of you may receive an unexpected transfer order but it will ultimately prove to be favourable for you. When it comes to your love life, a trivial matter can cause an argument between you and your partner. You will get the necessary strength to make decisions on account of your intelligence and they will prove to be favourable for you. Your income will increase and you will make some new plans keeping in mind your future. Time will be favourable for your children and they will get success in their efforts. If you are a student, then during this time you should try to succeed by working harder in your studies.

Tip of the week: Job transfer on the anvil

SCORPIO: This week, you could face some problems in your domestic life. Avoid being egoistic, else there could be differences among family members. You will remain completely focused at work which will beget you some positive outcomes. Your respect and reputation will increase and your colleagues will look up to you for guidance and support. There are also chances of you purchasing a vehicle during this time. At this time, you will feel a slight increase in your expenses but mostly this increase will be in cases of matters of religion, faith and court. During this time, you have to be alert about your opponents because they can harm you in some way. The money you deposit can be wasted, so deal with it thoughtfully. There will be a desire in your mind to do something new and to learn something new.

Tip of the week: Park your ego aside

SAGITTARIUS: This week you will come into contact with some influential people. You may get an opportunity to embark upon a journey which will increase your inner peace. You would prefer to manage your tasks single-handedly which will increase your work efficiency. Also, there are chances of you making profits in business. In this time, if you want to do a course then you can start with it. You will benefit from it. You will also witness good growth in your income which will strengthen your financial position. During this time, you may make a long-distance journey and you will enjoy it. You can also get financial benefit from the same. You will be blessed by having respect for your mentors and fatherly figures and their good advice will be successful in guiding your future. You will need to be careful in matters related to court.

Tip of the week: Your influence will increase

CAPRICORN: You will feel something different this week. On the one hand, you can suffer due to physical and mental concerns. On the other hand, your interest will increase in spiritual and religious activities and you will also get some good experiences. You may have the possibility of going on an unwanted journey and due to this, your budget and your body can also be negatively affected. Financial gains through government avenues are indicated. Some heated arguments can take place between the family members, which is why you should remain careful. Try to keep a tab on your behaviour as well as your speech. You will also get opportunities to earn money and this time will prove to be successful for your younger siblings. There can be a lot of travelling in relation to your work which may lead to some important assignments in your hands in future.

Tip of the week: Look for mental peace

AQUARIUS: This week you will make some changes in your behaviour. On the one hand, your self-confidence will increase as you will accomplish your task with great efficiency, while on the other you could develop an ego. Consequently, some of your relationships may suffer. This will be a positive phase for businesspeople. If you happen to adhere to a partnership in business, then your partner will pay extra importance to your opinion, which will contribute to the flourishing of your trade venture. Also, in this duration, your social stature will get strengthened. But health may remain in low spirits, which is why you should take care of your well-being. You need to take care of your deteriorating relationship with your superiors as this may bring problems in your work. During this time, be a little careful at your workplace.

Tip of the week: Partnership will flourish

PISCES: This week, your expenses may increase to a great extent. Some of you may also be successful in visiting a foreign country. But it will only take place for those who have made prior attempts for the same. Remain extremely careful of your competitors even though they will not be able to outshine you, but they can definitely create stress for you. Efforts in your professional life will lead to desired outcomes. Those who are into business should take initiatives to establish their trade venture in a new territory. Avoid initiating any legal matters, else it can prove to be counterproductive and your expenditure can shoot up. You will invest both money and mind in philanthropic works. Your relationship with your father will be strong. One can go on a good, profitable and enjoyable journey that will fill you with loads of energy.

Tip of the week: Avoid legal matters

(Neeraj Dhankher is an astrologer with proficiency in Vedic, KP and Nadi Astrology. He is founder and CEO of Astro Zindagi. The observations are made by the writer based on his own analysis)


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