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'Alert for F1 Visa students on OPT/CPT/H-1B'

'Alert for F1 Visa students on OPT/CPT/H-1B'

This year USCIS received 201K H-1B applications, which is an increase of nearly 11,000 petitions compared to the previous year.

H1B Lottery favored US Master Degree holders, as there was 11% increase in H-1B advanced degree petitions selection compared to FY 2019.

Well this is a positive news, but being selected in lottery is just the first hurdle. With request-for-evidence (RFE) rates rising to 60% during the first quarter of FY 2019, simply “winning” the lottery does not mean the case will be approved.

Looking at past year approval pattern, early planning is crucial as H-1B process is Employer driven. Starting early allows attorneys to identify potential issues that would take time to resolve and help avoid RFE.

Potential roadblock could be Foreign Credential evaluation, Gap in Employment, CPT and OPT status violations, Evidence of Work experience, Specialty occupation, Wage level, employer-employee relation and others.

With OPT students graduating in Spring, time is now for Students to identifying prospects Employers, avoid accrual of OPT Unemployment days and eventually prepare H-1B.

Given short period of time, to proactively narrow down the Employers, OPT/CPT Jobseekers are using DesiOPT resume blast feature to quickly reach 2500+ employers.

Students on F1 visa going through OPT/CPT/H1B phase have many unanswered questions related to Job Search, Career, Immigration rules etc. To quickly find answers, students are interacting at DesiOPT Forums.

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