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YSR Congress to replace Congress in Telangana!

YSR Congress to replace Congress in Telangana!

If TRS leaders think that they have demolished entire Opposition in Telangana by finishing Congress with CLP-TRSLP merger on Thursday, better think twice.

A new Opposition in the form of YSRCP is all set to emerge as a formidable political force in Telangana before 2023 Assembly polls to challenge the supremacy of TRS.

Having swept recent Assembly polls in Andhra Pradesh with a landslide majority and coming to power, YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is learnt to be seriously considering to revive YSRCP in Telangana.

As ruling party in neighbouring AP and as CM of a neighbouring state, YSRCP and Jagan will have certain advantages both financially and politically which Jagan wants to exploit in Telangana and emerge as an alternative force in TS.

Jagan feels that after the decimation of Congress, there is 'huge political vacuum' in Telangana, which only YSRCP can fill.

Though BJP is considered to be the future alternate force in Telangana after the party won four Lok Sabha seats recently, it's weak political base in Telangana, especially at grassroots level has been exposed in recent elections for zilla parishads and mandal parishads.

While TRS made a clean sweep in these elections, both Congress and BJP could not even open the accounts in several districts, giving indications that both these parties cannot fill the 'opposition vacuum' in TS.

Considering this, Jagan wants to fill this vacuum by reviving YSRCP.

YSRCP contested 2014 general elections in Telangana and won one Lok Sabha and 3 Assembly seats, all in Khammam district.

Subsequently, all of them joined TRS after Jagan decided to confine party to AP with an aim to win 2019 Assembly polls.

YSRCP did not contest any polls in Telangana from GHMC polls in 2016 to recent Lok Sabha polls in April 2019.

Now, Jagan wants to revive the party in Telangana from the same GHMC elections from where YSRCP stopped contesting polls in TS.

GHMC elections are due in January 2021. There is ample time of two years for Jagan to gear up party for GHMC polls.

Hyderabad has considerable Seemandhra population, of whom there are many YSR and Jagan supporters.

Jagan is confident that YSRCP can make its mark in GHMC polls in 2021 setting the stage to face TRS in 2023 Assembly polls.

Several Reddy, BC, SC, ST, Minority leaders in TRS, Congress, BJP and other parties in Telangana are ready to join YSRCP if Jagan revives the party as they believe that Congress and BJP cannot give any fight to TRS in 2023 Assembly polls and only a 'charismatic and powerful' leader like Jagan, who is CM in neighbouring state, can give TRS a run for its money.

So, Telangana is going to witness interesting political developments in the coming days in the form of YSRCP.



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