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Why Naidu left NDA? Ask Vijayashanti

Why Naidu left NDA? Ask Vijayashanti

It is an open secret that Telugu Desam Party president and Andhra Pradesh chief minister N Chandrababu Naidu has pulled his party out of the Bharatiya Janata Part-led National Democratic Alliance in April last, as he realised that the TDP would be on the losing side if he continued to sail with the NDA.

Reason: the people are angry with the Narendra Modi government for rejecting outright the demand for special category status and also not releasing necessary financial assistance to state, besides not fulfilling other promises made in AP Reorganisation Act.

But Telangana Congress campaign committee president and actress Vijayashanti has a different reasoning.

In a series of tweets, the actress-turned-politician said Naidu had left NDA because of Narendra Modi who had been ill-treating his allies in the NDA.

"TDP led by Shri Chandrababu opted out of NDA being unable to tolerate the domination of Shri Modi. But still after so many consequences, Shri Amit Shah still continuing to sing in praises of Shri Modi not caring about the alliances reflects their dictatorship (sic),” she observed.

Vijayashanti was referring to BJP national president Amit Shah’s comments in his speech the other day that “the coming Lok Sabha elections will be fought in between Modi and the opposition parties".

She said: "A confidence that Shri Modi led BJP wins majority seats without any need of support from the NDA alliance parties is being heard in the words of Shri Amita Shah. All the senior leaders of that party went away as BJP was run around one single person like this".

Vijayasanthi asked how Siva Sena is going to react on this. "It is to be seen about how Siva Sena reacts over the statement of Shri Amit Shah now".



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