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Why Is KCR Silent On CBI-Mamata Fight?

Why Is KCR Silent On CBI-Mamata Fight?

Telangana Rashtra Samithi president and chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, who has been talking about the formation of a federal front of regional parties at the national level, is unusually silent over the ongoing clash between the Narendra Modi government at the Centre and the West Bengal government headed by Trinamul Congress chief Mamata Banerjee over the CBI raids.

While his Andhra Pradesh counterpart N Chandrababu Naidu was the first one to condemn the CBI raids in West Bengal and support the fight by Mamata, there was no statement yet from KCR till now.

This has surprised many, as KCR always claims the support of Mamata Banerjee for his federal front plans.

In fact, KCR flew all the way down to Kolkata in December to meet Mamata to discuss the federal front plans.

However, when Mamata started being friendly with the Congress party, KCR has kept himself away.

He also skipped the massive opposition rally organized by Mamata at Kolkata on January 19, though she sent an invite to him and personally spoke to him.

KCR’s silence has lent credence to the allegations that he was in fact cosying up to the BJP and his federal front was only to indirectly benefit Narendra Modi by splitting the opposition vote.

Naturally, the Telangana Congress party questioned KCR’s silence over the alleged central harassment of the Mamata government in West Bengal.

Telangana PCC campaign committee chairperson and actress Vijayashanti wondered why KCR had not uttered a single word in support of Mamata.

She sought to know why KCR remained tight-lipped on Modi’s witch-hunting policies which were against the perspective of federal government.

She also alleged that KCR’s silence sent wrong signals to the people, at a time when the Centre was misusing its powers in West Bengal.



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