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TRS Set To Retain Nagarjuna Sagar Seat

TRS Set To Retain Nagarjuna Sagar Seat

The ruling TRS is all set to retain the Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly constituency, by-election for which was held on April 17. 

The party, according to the exit poll survey reports, secured 46 per cent of votes. 

The Congress, with senior leader K Jana Reddy, contesting the election, had given a tough fight to the ruling party.

The Congress had polled 40 per cent of votes here, despite serious efforts put by the local leaders, particularly the candidate himself. 

However, the BJP, which had won the Dubbaka Assembly seat in the 2020 by-election, giving a rude shock to the ruling TRS, remained an insignificant fighter in Nagarjuna Sagar this time. 

The BJP, despite all its efforts, is assessed to have polled just 6 to 7 per cent votes this time. 

The TRS seems to have learned a lesson from Dubbaka’s defeat and made united effort to retain the seat. 

For BJP, neither Tirupati Lok Sabha seat nor the Nagarjuna Sagar Assembly seat have given the Dubbaka’s victory, as claimed. 

The top leadership of the BJP has pinned its hopes on repeating Dubbaka in the two Telugu states and is set to taste a disappointing and humiliating defeat.


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